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The Alkali RPD Lite ABS Wood Tapered Hockey Blades utilize one of the most durable and long lasting construction processes for outdoor blades on the market. It's also unique to find an ABS wood blade with a taper. This decreases the height of the blade and hosel by about an 1", resulting in an overall better balanced stick with a lighter feel. This full ABS blade is reinforced with impact resistant fiberglass to insure the blade will last on rough surfaces like concrete and asphalt.

  • Level of Play: Ideal for the entry to intermediate level of play
  • Shaft CompatibilityTapered (NOT for Traditional Shafts)
  • Weight: 179 grams (Based on a Sr. A33)

*A33 curve has R19 stamped on the hosel

  • Construction:
    • High strength carbon fiberglass and ABS reinforcement
      • Provides excellent durability and is highly impact resistant
  • Hosel:
    • Fiberglass reinforced
  • Core:
    • Full fiberglass reinforced ABS
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Comments: I've been trying out a bunch of different curves lately as I've been using the Bauer P88 for the last several years. I threw this blade on a Combat Ballistik shaft for roller hockey and loved it. I immediately noticed my wrist shots were like a lazer. We'll see how this blade holds up over the course of the season. If it last a while, I'm probably going to buy 4 or 5 of these just to have on hand.
From:  Mike, Minneapolis, MN

Comments: I have had nothing but good luck using these blades with my APX2 shaft. Durability-wise they are on par with the discontinued CCM Crossover blades which to me set the standard. I do wish they had more curve options but using my stove I'm able to bend the blade to the curve I want. A lot of ABS blades are not stiff enough to prevent the blade from opening up on a shot - not the case with these, very accurate. I play on cement courts in the deep south. Thanks Alkali.
From: Zachary, Mobile, AL


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