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The Bauer Vapor APX 2 Hockey Stick is the flagship model in the Bauer Vapor Stick Line. This APX 2 turns back the clock to offer a completely redesigned blade that has a similar construction and feel to the classic X60 stick, and is much improved from the previous APX blade. Setting this stick above the rest, the APX2 utilizes unique features such as the TeXtreme Carbon Fiber, Monocomp construction and eLAStech Technology.

Vapor's signature flex profile is known as the Intelli-Sense Technology. This changing dual kick point system gives players the optimal kick point based on the type of shot they are taking and where their lower hand is located. For quick wrist and snap shots, the APX 2 provides a lightning quick shot release. For big slap shots and one timers, the softened upper handle (where the upper hand is placed) will create a secondary kick point so that the stick can be "bowed" out and really loaded up, resulting in a powerful shot.

The significant change from the previous APX stick to this APX 2 is the complete redesign in the blade. Bauer really focused their research on improving this portion of the stick and it truly shows. The Bauer APX2 stick features the all-new Aero-Sense Blade Core that will have a much more similar feel to the classic X60 rather than the APX. This new single-density blade core is made of a high-grade foam that vastly improves puck feel and puck reception. There is an additional "Sense" layer that wraps the entire blade which also boosts puck feel and puck reception while helping to prevent chipping, cracking and premature blade breakdown.

The outstanding carry-over features from the APX include the eLASTech Technology, TeXtreme Carbon System and the Monocomp Construction process. The eLASTech Technology reinforces the TeXtreme carbon fibers with micro nanotubes, helping to prevent cracks from slashes growing as well as extending the pop life of the stick. The Monocomp Construction process is one of the best in the industry, providing an extremely consistent feel and feel from top to bottom.

  • Heritage: Vapor APX
  • Level of Play Guideline: Elite
  • Construction: True One-Piece
  • Shaft Dimensions: Rounded Corners / Double Concave Sidewalls
  • Flex Point: Low kick
  • Weight: 404 grams (based on a P92 curve, 87 flex)
  • Construction:
    • Lightweight TeXtreme® Construction
      • Exclusive carbon fiber to Bauer Hockey
      • TeXtreme® is 20% lighter and manages impact stresses 20% better than traditional carbon fiber
    • Monocomp Technology
      • True one-piece compression molding process, eliminates "fusion" or connection point between shaft and blade
      • Gives players the an unreal responsive and consistent feel from top to bottom
      • Best process available for a lightweight and balance hockey stick
    • eLASTech Technology
      • Proprietary resin with carbon nanotubes reinforcements and tougheners that provide a 56% increase in strength compared to standard resin
        • Extends the life of the stick by helping to keep micro-fractures from growing and spreading
        • Extends the pop life of the stick; keeping it feeling newer, longer
  • Geometry:
    • Contoured - Rounded Corners and Double Concave Sidewalls
      • Micro Feel II Shaft
        • Allows the stick to sit comfortably in your hands, resulting in better puck handling and improved control
  • Flex Profile:
    • Vapor Premier Dual Taper
      • A secondary taper is engineered along the top & bottom of the shaft
      • Increases puck control and shot accuracy due to improved strength and torsional resistance
    • Intelli-Sense Shot Technology
      • Provides changing dual kick points
        • Traditional low kick point in the hosel for a deadly quick shot release
        • Softened handle (where the upper hand is located) allows players to load a large amount of energy for powerful slap shots and one timers
  • Grip:  Clear stick finish
  • Blade:
    • Pure Shot Blade Profile
      • Extra reinforced connection point of the blade and the shaft
        • Increases accuracy and blade control by preventing the blade from opening up or twisting on big shots
        • Increases durability with the additional material in place
    • Aero Sense Blade Core
      • The new additional "Sense" layer wraps the entirety of the blade
        • Increases puck feel or "sense" and helps to prevent chipping, cracking and premature blade breakdown
      • Polymer-based material from the aerospace industry that gives the blade a high strength to weight ratio for better balance
        • Offers a stiffer and more responsive touch than other Bauer cores, which is ideal for a quick shot release
      • Similar to the classic X60 blade with top notch puck feel and puck handling properties
  • Flex: 77, 87, and 102
  • Length: 60"
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Comments: This is the best stick I've owned to date, good durability, action etc. However, I do agree with the comments that this is not a smart stick. But they are wrong in the sense that practically all sticks do the "intellisense" technology that bauer speaks of. Thknk about it, the stick will flex below the bottom hand, lower it goes, the lower the flex POINT will be. However, since the debut of the 1x I would recommend going for that because the taper that they are using will garentee a low kick point, it's just science. Great stick, can't wait to get the 1x.
From: Tyler, Kalamazoo, MI

Comments: Good but not great stick. I switched from the Total One, and though I felt my wrist shot was better with this stick, it wasn't enough for me not to switch back.

It also did not last as long as my Total One stick. I was almost relieved when it broke as then I was done with the stick.

From: Don, San Diego, CA

Comments: IW, your customer service is perfect. You deliver next day for "ground shipping" whereas
hockeygiant & hockeymonkey take 7 full business days to come from their warehouses
in Corona or Carlsbad. Ridiculous. Now that that's outta the way...

I'm so disappointed in this stick. But it's just my taste. I used a 75 flex TotalOne prior
which lasted me from its release years ago til now amazingly somehow. Which is crazy
because I typically go thru sticks every 8 weeks or so. My TO was a cannon on roids.
My wrister was almost invisible from the power of it. But my shiny new 77 flex APX2?
practically useless... For me at least. I had heard from friends that the APX2 was the
perfect twig and I should switch but that turned around to bite me. The Intelli-sense flex
points that Bauer markets is such BS; I thought it would be the best of both worlds since
it changes flex points, but in retrospect, I have no idea why I believed in that marketing
hype. There's only one kick point. It's not a smart-stick that can decide what flex to use
and when to use it. Yeah it is excellent for getting the puck up fast and no-windup one
timers aren't bad either, but there's just zero power. I'm not bashing Bauer's products,
because I think the TotalOne is the best stick ever, I'm just bashing their marketing
because of how misleading it is. If you're on the fence about the APX2 or NXG, stick to
the heritage you used before. Or else you're wasting 260 bucks. Hope this helps
someone make the right choice.
From: Aaron, Los Angeles, CA

Hockey Stick Finder

If you hold the stick with your left hand at the top of the stick, then you use a (R) handed stick. If you hold the stick with your right hand at the top, then you use a left (L) handed stick. As stick size increases, the length and diameter of the shaft also increase.
Stick SizeAgePlayer HeightPlayer WeightStick Height
Yth:-7-4'-60 lbs.46"-48"
Jr:6-123'9"-4'9"50-120 lbs.50"-54"
Int:11-164'6"-5'3"120-160 lbs.56"-57"
Senior:+14+5'6"+120 lbs.58"-63"
The flex of a hockey stick is how stiff the shaft is. Youth sticks are 30-40 flex, Junior sticks are 45-55 flex, Intermediate sticks are 55-75 flex and Senior sticks are 75 - 110 flex.
If you want to look at all brands and/or want to search by general types of curves , then leave "Any Brand" selected. If you know which brand you wish to look at, select it and the following "Curve" tab will display specific brand curves to choose from.
Each curve brings forth different advantages: Toe curves are less common and are good for stick handling and shooting. Mid curves are the most popular and are recommended for beginners, they are good for puck handling, wrist and snap shots. Mid Heel curves are a combination of a mid and heel curves. Heel curves are good for slap shots, one timers, and back handers. 
Choose between grip and non-grip coatings on the shaft. Grip texture allows for a more solid hold on the shaft while the non-grip coating allows the hands to change position more quickly. 
Flex Profile:
Flex Profile
The low-kick flex profile is for the players looking for a quick shot release, ideal for wrist and snap shots. The mid-kick flex profile is for the player who puts a lot of lean into their wrist/slap shots and are looking for a powerful release on their shots. The variable-kick flex profile offers a constant flex profile allowing custom kick points depending on the placement of the player's lower hand. 
Composite sticks are the most popular because they offer the best overall performance. Wood is the traditional material and offers the best puck feel. ABS is used in the blades to add durability for playing on rougher surfaces like concrete and asphalt.
Price Range
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Bauer Vapor Sticks
Low Kick for Quick Shot

  • Bauer Vapor 1X Hockey Sticks Sr 2016
    • Stick Length: 60"
    • Available Flexes: 77, 87, 95 & 102
    • Weight: 419 grams (based on an 87 flex)
    • Level of Play Guideline: Elite 


    The Bauer Vapor 1X Hockey Stick is the premier model in the new Vapor Line. This 1X features all of Bauer's premier technologies and materials, including a completely redesigned QRT Taper that loads 20% faster and recoils 28% faster than the previous APX2. Translation: the Vapor 1X's innovative taper offers the quickest shot release from Bauer to date. 

  • Bauer Vapor 1X Grip Hockey Sticks Sr 2016
    • Stick Length: 60"
    • Available Flexes: 77, 87, 95 & 102
    • Weight: 419 grams (based on an 87 flex)
    • Level of Play Guideline: Elite 


    The 2016 Bauer Vapor 1X Grip Stick offers the quickest shot release and lightest overall weight from a Vapor stick to date! Bauer was able to achieve this through a new way of orienting the carbon fiber layers to reduce the weight, quicken the release and to improve durability in the taper area by 30%.

  • Bauer Vapor X900 Grip Hockey Sticks Sr 2016
    • Stick Length: 60"
    • Available Flexes: 77, 87 & 102
    • Weight: 435 grams (based on an 87 flex)
    • Level of Play Guideline: Elite


    The 2016 Bauer Vapor X900 Grip Stick offers some of the best performance for the price. Weighing in at 435 grams, the 2016 X900 is lighter than some of the competitor's top of the line models! Bauer used their traditional fused two-piece construction with pro-spec 12K carbon fiber throughout. The re-tooled QRT or Quick Release Taper Technology provides the quickest release from Vapor to date, all the while significantly improving durability and removing excess weight.

  • Bauer Vapor X800 Grip Hockey Sticks Sr 2016
    • Stick Length: 60"
    • Available Flexes: 77, 87 & 102
    • Weight: 479 grams (based on an 87 flex)
    • Level of Play Guideline: Performance


    The 2016 Bauer Vapor X800 Grip Stick is not only upgraded from the lower-end X700, but it's also a nice improvement over the last generation's 2015 X800. This 2016 model uses Bauer's high-end Aero-Foam III blade construction that can also be found on the top of the line 1X stick.

  • Bauer Vapor X700 Grip Hockey Sticks Sr 2016
    • Stick Length: 60"
    • Available Flexes: 77, 87 & 102
    • Weight: 476 grams (based on an 87 flex)
    • Level of Play Guideline: Performance


    The 2016 Bauer Vapor X700 Grip Stick offers a ton of value for the price. Weighing in at 476 grams (in senior), the X700 is one of the lightest sticks at this price point. New to the X700 is the BiMax 3K carbon twill blade wrap that covers the Dual-Density blade core. BiMax 3K provides 27% more tensile strength compared to standard 3K while the Dual-Density blade core gives players good puck feel and pop.

  • Bauer Vapor X600 Grip Hockey Sticks Sr 2016
    • Stick Length: 60"
    • Available Flexes: 87
    • Weight: 542 grams (based on an 87 flex)
    • Level of Play Guideline: Recreational


    The 2016 Bauer Vapor X600 Grip Stick is the opening price point in the new Bauer Vapor Line. The 2016 X600 features a two-piece, fused construction that utilizes a durable blend of carbon and fiberglass. The PU blade core is wrapped with basket weave carbon fiber that enhances responsiveness and puck feel. True to the Vapor Line is the low-kick flex profile that enables players to get the puck off in the blink of an eye.

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