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The Bauer Vapor X50 goalie leg pad offers excellent performance and protection.

Bauer has used a hybrid design on the X50 leg pad.  This combines the benefits of a traditional roll design in the knee and a flat face in the lower shin area. The X50 also features three flex points in the square outer/vertical roll at the thigh, knee, and ankle for great flexibility. Bauer has used four flex point in the face for a great natural flex.

The X50 goalie leg pad offers great comfort and protection, featuring a four piece knee stake.  Including a flat inside 5-hole keeping the 5-hole on lock.  The extending thigh guard has a great anatomical design, slightly wrapping the leg with plastic inserts for great protection.  The calf wrap features 2 piece design constructed out of dense nylon and synthetic leather. 

Bauer has given the X50 leg pad plenty of straps to lock down the exact fit and alignment you desire.  There is a combination of leather and elastic straps. With a total of nine straps all together.  The X50 leg pad also features a traditional Nash leather liner running from the knee down to the boot.

The Bauer Vapor X50 leg pad offers excellent protection and maneuverability ideal for advanced to pro level play.

  • Exterior:
    • Synthetic leather 
    • Nylon along outer side of pad
  • Protection:
    • Thick dense high-end foams ideal for advanced ice or indoor roller play
    • +1" size with inner ergonomic thigh guard with plastic inserts that extends protection 1"
  • Face:
    • Contemporary hybrid design
    • Flat face in shins
    • Traditional rolls in knee
    • 4 flex points at the high, knee, and Flex darts
    • Face width: 11"
  • Outer Roll:
    • Square vertical roll
    • 3 flex point at the ankle, knee, and thigh
  • Inner Roll:
    • Square design 
  • Knee Stake:4 piece knee stack - Offering comfort, support, protection, and durability
    • Outer two pieces:
      • Constructed out of synthetic leather for superior durability
      • Dense foams
    • Inner two pieces:
      • Constructed out of nylon offering a lightweight and good durability
      • Softer foams for additional protection and comfort 
    • Flat inside 5-hole
    • Four-way AKL: Adjustable knee
    • Lock and knee lifts
  • Calf Wrap: 2 piece anatomical calf design
    • Synthetic leathers and nylon
  • Leg Channel: 
    • Offset leg channel design
    • Nash leather liner running from the knee to boot (about 4" wide) - For a traditional performance fit
  • Boot Channel:
    • Pre-formed boot channel - Allows the skate to rotate to the inside keeping the blade closer to the ice for a quick slide
  • Straps: 
    • Extending thigh guard:
      • Upper 2" elastic velcro strap 
      • Lower 1" elastic velcro strap
    • Knee:
      • Two 3/4" leather straps
      • Lower 2" elastic velcro strap
    • Shin:
      • Three 3/4" leather straps
    • Boot:
      • 3/4" leather strap
  • Level of Play: Ideal for advanced to pro level play
  • +1" Sizing
  • Sizes: 32+1", 33+1", 34+1", 35+1", 36+1", 37+1", and 38+1"

Shipping Note:  Goalie Leg Pads are excluded from the Free 2 Day shipping promo, but are eligible for the Free Ground shipping promo.  Please see the Shipping page under the Customer Service tab for further information.

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