Bauer Vapor APX2 Hockey Shoulder Pads Sr
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Bauer Vapor APX2 Hockey Shoulder Pads Sr

The Bauer Vapor APX2 Hockey Shoulder Pads are the premier model in the Vapor Line. The APX 2 utilizes Bauer's new AeroLite™ Foam Technology that offers a 30% weight reduction without sacrificing any protection. The Vapor APX2 also includes 37.5™ Technology that helps to regulate a player's body temperature so they can have as much energy as possible to put into their game. 

The Bauer Vapor Line has been geared for the quick, craft player looking for lightweight protection. The AeroLite™ Foam answers this call because it is 30% lighter than traditional HD with the same, professional-level of protection. The Free-Flex Bicep Guard keeps the protection where it needs to be, all while allowing a player maximum mobility and free range of motion. 

  • Model Number: 1043185
  • Heritage: Vapor APX
  • Level of Play GuidelineElite
  • Bauer Sizing Guidelines:
    Shoulder Pad Size / Player Height / Chest Circumference
    SR SM / 5'5" - 5'9" / 36" - 40"
    SR MD / 5'7" - 5'11" / 38" - 42"
    SR LG / 5'9" - 6'1" / 40" - 44"
    SR XL / 5'11" - 6'3" / 42" +
  • Protection:
    • AeroLite™ Foam Technology
      • Used in the shoulder caps, bicep guards, sternum and spinal plates
      • Offers a professional-level of protection while reducing weight by 30%
    • Free-Flex Bicep Guards
      • Keep protection where it needs to be while providing excellent free range of movement
    • Multi-Panel Chest and Back Plates
      • Overlapping foams increase protection and help keep a player agile
  • Liner:
    • 37.5™ Technology integrated in the Hydrophobic Mesh Liner
      • 37.5™ allows players to expend more energy in their game instead of trying to regulate body temperature 
      • 37.5™ evaporates sweat and removes hot air 
  • Fit:
    • Upgraded Multi-Segmented Design for advanced mobility 
    • Elastic velcro strapping systems on the bicep and stomach areas
    • Removable Belly Guard for optional protection
  • Weight: 
    • 839 grams (Based on Sr. Medium)
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Comments: They are very comfortable with stretchy sides on the chest protector. Stomach pad a little small though...I am a defenceman and take pucks to the gut way too often. The shoulder pads are adjustable...all in all, I am very pleased. i would recommend them to a friend. In fact, I recommended a friend to this website for some gear! 

Update - I ran into my stick that was stuck under the net.  Just about speared myself.  I could feel the stick go under my ribs about 4-5" Hurt like crazy.  Thought I was going to die.  Pulled up my shirt expecting to see stick in my lung area.  Skin wasn't even broken.  Had CT scan on organs and ribs - all okay.  Sore like crazy for 6 weeks due to muscle injury, but nothing serious.  I think these things saved my life to be honest.  They wrap around well on the sides and are stretchy. I hit on the lower left side... which is where I hit the top of my stick, which broke - 100 flex - in half.  Was a freak injury/accident, but I credit this chest protector with my life.  The shoulder pads are a little awkward at first, but after 10 seconds you are used to them.  You won't be disappointed with these - I know I won't.    

From: John, Duluth, MN

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Bauer Hockey Shoulder Pads Senior

  • The Bauer Supreme TotalONE MX3 Hockey Shoulder Pads are the premier model from the Supreme series, boasting tons of great technologies. FleXorb is just one of these features, utilizing Poron XRD™ foam for elite protection and comfort. The liner also uses 37.5™ technology which uses your body heat to evaporate moisture from the surrounding fabric, leaving you cool and energized.

  • The Bauer Supreme 190 Hockey Shoulder Pads feature elite protection and performance without the big price tag. The Supreme 190's feature Poron XRD™, a foam that absorbs 90% of all high and low impacts to the sternum for professional protection. The lightweight, anatomical design allows for the most responsive feel and best power transfer with each movement. 


  • The Bauer Supreme 170 Hockey Shoulder Pads offer excellent performance at an even better price. Vent Armor foam located in the sternum guard is extremely lightweight and provides elite level protection to that vital area. The spine guard is lined with high density foams reinforced with plastic inserts to protect you from injury. 

  • The Bauer Supreme 150 Hockey Shoulder Pads are the entry level model in the Supreme lineup. The 150's offer good protection in key areas like the sternum and spine guard where they utilize high density foams. The shoulder caps and bicep guard are constructed from molded plastic that provides an anatomical wrap for a close, lightweight fit. 

  • The Bauer Nexus 8000 Hockey Shoulder Pads are the premier model in the Nexus Line, offering a pro-level of protection and mobility. Bauer used EPP Foams, which are also seen in high-end hockey helmets, on key areas of this pad because of the excellent protective and lightweight properties they have to offer.

  • The Bauer Nexus 6000 Hockey Shoulder Pads utilize SuperLite™ high-density foams throughout most of it's construction to offer lightweight protection for intermediate to advanced level play. The 3-piece chest and back panel design offer a big jump in mobility since the segments are much less restrictive than a solid 1-piece design.

  • The Bauer Nexus 4000 Hockey Shoulder Pads are the entry level model in the Bauer Nexus Line. The Nexus 4000's offer a traditional fit and appearance with designs like the bulky, exposed shoulder caps. The sternum is protected by a high-density foam patch with poly-reinforcement, while the spine protection is constructed of a poly-insert with medium density foams. 

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