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The Bauer Concept II Full Shield features high impact polycarbonate shield with built-in air vents.  Offing protection without bars obstructing your vision.  This full shield has replaced the Itech 1 Concept II.  Still offering the same great construction and value but under the Bauer name.

  • Model Number: 1033720
  • Compatibility: Not recommended for the Bauer 9900, 7500, 5100, 2100 and the Cascade M11 helmets
  • Construction:
    • High-impact Polycarbonate visor
    • Strategic vent locations to assist with ventilation
    • Floating chin-cup
  • Protection:
    • CSA, CE, HECC Certified
  • Vision:
    • Anti-fog film
  • Mounting hardware wiping cloth included
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Comments: Up until a few years ago, this was the only mask I knew. Probably got it because I loved the Mighty Ducks movies and they used them. Was never able to concentrate with a cage, so this was my only option. Light, durable, and gave me great vision. I since moved to the 920 combo when I started playing in a little rougher league. Don't think it matters, though. Great piece of equipment.
From: Nick, CA

Comments: I bought this coming from the Bauer 920 Deluxe combo, which is very similar to this shield. I loved the visibility, but it was a bit on the heavy side...this one is noticeably lighter. I use the Bayer Fog Free spray before each game and haven't had any issues with fogging up ether.
From: Chris

Comments: I just bought this shield for high school hockey and so far I
love it. It is quite light and really improves your vision. It does seem
to fog a bit in our very cold rink, but just wipe it with a microfiber
cloth and your fine. The only downside is you have to unbuckle it to
wipe sweat from your eyes or you smudge up the shield pretty bad, not
that big of a deal though! Seems pretty scratch resistant, I've taken a
few pucks/sticks to the face without any problems so far. All in all I
like it tons better than my old wire cage, and I don't think I will go
back to a cage. 
From: Sam, Bemidji, MN

Comments: Great Vision and it looks great too.
From: ??

Comments: great shield, i used it for a 2 hour session and never had to wipe it. also it is total swag with a blacked out 4500.
From: Chase, FL

Comments:Picked up one of these for my Bauer 4500 M and works like a charm. I would suggest looking at their compatibility chart before picking one up though, as it did not fit my original Bauer 1500 L helmet. My only gripe is in the chin strap/guard as it tends to slide up off my chin and towards my mouth when playing. I believe this may have something to do with having a smaller head/helmet as it may not be an issue for guys with larger melons. Adding tape along the two ends and strapping it to the shield did help keep it in place
From: Eric

Comments:Looks great with an Easton S9 helmet. Get some anti fog spray as the coating on this seems to wear off after a game or two. It's got some good ventilation and I stay much cooler over the course of a game wearing this than I have with a half shield or no shield at all. It gets really hot when you sit down with the faceshield down, but more incentive to get back out on the ice.
From: Panda, Burbank

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Bauer Hockey Helmet Cages

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  • The Bauer 7500 Hockey Helmet Cages offer great protection and visibility. Bauer has used narrower wires along with an enhanced design for increased facial coverge. The 7500 cage has a similar profile to some of the former Itech cages.


  • The Bauer Profile II White Hockey Helmet Cage is a great looking, oval-wired cage that is available at a great price. The oval wires help to reduce visual obstruction while the dual-density floating chin cup provides solid comfort.

  • The Bauer Profile II I2 Hockey Helmet Cage is a great looking, oval-wired cage that is available at a great price. The oval wires help to reduce visual obstruction while the dual-density floating chin cup provides solid comfort. The dual-color I2 paint job dates back to the classic Itech days and provides superior vision on the rink. Full mounting hardware is included. 

  • The Bauer 2100 hockey Helmet Cage offers optimal vision and protection.  The steel wire construction blocks objects away from the face and keeps teeth in place. The 2100 cage design offers extended face protection, and large True Vision openings form maximum visibility.

  • The Bauer RBE lll 905 i2 Hockey Helmet Cages offer solid protection from the steel wire construction.  With superior visibility from the black outside color and white interior color.  This design was originated by Itech with their I2 cages.  Same great design but now under the great Bauer name.

  • The Bauer RBE lll 905 Chrome Hockey Helmet Cages offer solid protection from the steel wire construction. This cage uses a unique straight design for the players trying to get away from the bubble-cage look. The chrome finish gives players a flashier look and keep their opponents guessing where they're looking. 

  • The Bauer Prodigy Silver Hockey Helmet Cage is designed specifically with features to assist youth players with an easily adjusted cage. Both the mounts on top of the cage and the clips along the sides are adjustable to accommodate a variety of face shapes.

  • The Bauer Concept 3 Full Shield is the next generation of one of the most used full shields in hockey. Stemming back to the Itech Concept shields, this Bauer Concept 3 uses advanced technology to keep a player well protected on the rink without sacrificing visibility. Bauer also includes a Bauer helmet bag to help keep the visor from getting scratched as well.

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