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The Bauer Elite Goalie Chest Protector offers excellent protection suitable for the any level of roller hockey as well as advanced ice play. The Elite chest protector is constructed from high quality synthetic leather, durable nylon and mesh materials for excellent breathability throughout.

Bauer's Elite chest protector include square shoulder caps improving mobility and protection as well as an adjustable arm length for a customized fit. Enhanced poly and foams are used throughout the chest protector providing lightweight protection. The Elite chest protector uses a dual shoulder cap setup using molded poly and foam with the inner layer being segmented offering contoured protection on the shoulder. The chest blocks utilize an anatomical design which allows the protection to contour to the body. There is about a 2.5" foam piece that extends for the sides of the chest protector to provide additional rib protection. The ABS protection provides a customizable fit with the chest protector to ensure you are fully protected. In the sternum Bauer has used their HX-SORB™ foam which is dense perforated foam designed to give advanced protection that is lighter and increases breathability.

Bauer's using several adjustment features to ensure a snug fit with this chest protector. There are three elastic straps around the elbow and forearm to ensure that the plastic elbow cap stays in place. In addition to those straps, there is one more leather velcro strap around the wrist with a neoprene-like liner on the inside. The Elite chest protector uses Bauer's Adjustable Belly System (ABS) to fully adjust or even remove flaps on the bottom of the belly. This chest protector uses an adjustable 1.5" elastic buckle strap to secure the fit. To provide additional adjustment options, Bauer has used a velcro design at the top of the chest protector to allow the goalie to adjust how the chest protector rest on the shoulders. This chest protector allows for a lot of adjustability so you can customize the fit to your body.

The Bauer Elite chest protector offers excellent protection for the price and is a great choice for just about any goalie.

  • Model Number: 1000660
  • Heritage: Bauer Elite
  • Level of Play:
    • Roller: Professional
    • Ice: Advanced
  • Bauer Sizing Guidelines:
    • Size // Height
      • SM // 5'3" - 5'5"
      • MD // 5'6" - 5'9"
      • LG // 5'10" - 6'
      • XL // 6'1" - 6'5"


*Fitting Guide: Recommendations are based on average-sized consumers and should be used as a guide only.

  • Construction
    • Heavy Duty nylon on the majority of the chest protector
    • Nylon and elastic straps
    • Advanced foams and poly used for protection
  • Shoulder:
    • New square shoulder caps
    • Dual shoulder caps with molded poly and foams for shot dampening
      • Inner layer segmented to provide contouring protection
    • Square profile shoulder floaters
  • Chest:
    • Anatomically designed chest blocks
    • HX-SORB™ sternum
      • Dense perforated foam material designed to give advanced protection
      • Increases breathability
      • Lighter weight protection
    • ABS: Adjustable Belly System with removable extensions
      • Provides a custom fit in the abdominal area
    • Extended rib protection
    • Three piece design at the bottom
      • Allows for a more contouring fit
  • Arms:
    • New adjustable arm length
    • Two-Piece hinged arm floaters
    • Stitched onto main portion
    • Plastic elbow caps
    • Three elastic strap around the elbow
    • Leather velcro strap around the wrist with a neoprene-like liner on the inside 
  • Back:
    • One-piece back construction
      • Provides improved fit, mobility, and protection
    • Shoulder velcro adjustment
      • Changes how the chest protector rests on top of the shoulders
    • Full length back padding with plastic spine protection
  • Weight:
    • 6.25lbs (Based on a Senior Medium)
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Comments: Bauer Elite C/A 2011 Version: Senior Large. I pretty much needed all new equipment so I couldn't splurge on any one item, so pretty much Bauer Rx6/low end stuff across the board. Money was the driving factor here. The "Bauer Performance" just didn't have the protection I needed. MOBILITY: Flexible out of the resistance to any movements. The arm pads stay in position, facing front/shooter. My old ones the arms would twist exposing the inner arm. FIT: Large fit me perfect, I am 5'11" 1/2. I did raise the belly pads a bit as they sat down into my pads a too low. STYLING: I like the way it looks, nice in the jersey, no bulky areas that look out of proportion. I wish it didn't have any of the white...after 8-9months of 1-2 times a week use, it is starting to show stains. I will wash it the see how it looks. ADJUSTABILITY: Straps up and down the arms for snugness and a the back strap can adjust at both sides. One problem here is the buckles on the back strap do not have a tight grip, so they slip. I even lost one as it must have fallen off the strap while undressing. Even with the extra strap loop, it didn't stay. Needs a tighter extra strap loop or maybe it was routed backwards out of the box. I have just taped one end permanently and taped the other buckle in place. Not real issue, just slightly annoying that is happened to a new piece of equipment. I really like the wrist strap. Easy to remove to get dressed, and then tighted a bit when going on the ice. This strap has a "T" piece of rubber at the end to keep it from slipping out of the loop, so it is always ready to be tightened. Very nice touch. One of has recently broken off though. You can adjust where the back panel meets the front on top of the shoulders, if it is too short or too long. I left as it was PROTECTION: NO BRUISES AS OF YET! I play mid level Beer league and pickup. Took several shots off the shoulders and arm with, only really even felt one shot, but no bruising. The floating elbow pads are great, they float but are never out of position. I like the rib protection too, fit nicely around and are not bulky at all. OVERALL: VERY VERY HAPPY with these. Just what I needed, more protection without any restrictions
From: Lee

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