Bauer 37.5 Elite Padded Performance L/S Shirt Sr
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Bauer 37.5 Elite Padded Performance L/S Shirt Sr

The Bauer 37.5 Elite Padded Performance L/S Shirt is a highly protective base layer shirt that utilizes FleXorb™ and 37.5™ technologies to provide great protection and breathability. FleXorb™ uses Poron XRD™ foam which reduces impact energies more than 90% and is segmented for mobility. Cocona 37.5™ polyester uses your body heat to evaporate moisture from the fabric, resulting in drying times up to 5 times faster than other similar fabrics.

The 37.5™ technology infused in the polyester also has an anti-odor feature that rejuvenates each time you wash the shirt. The FleXorb™ is placed in the clavicle, ribs and spine to cover the vital areas most prone to injury while still providing great mobility and coverage because of the floating nature of the padding. Underarm gussets create a better range of motion as well.

  • Model Number: 1044395
  • Fit Guidelines: Hockey Fit
  • Bauer's Sizing Guidelines:
    Shirt Size / Chest Size
    SR SM / 37'' - 38''
    SR MD / 39'' - 40''
    SR LG / 41''- 43''
    SR XL / 44'' - 46''
    SR XXL / 47'' - 49''


  • Material
    • Main body: 87% Cocona 37.5™ Polyester / 13% Spandex
    • Mesh inserts: 87% Cocona 37.5™ Polyester / 10% Spandex / 3% Polyester
  • Profile
    • Long sleeve base layer top with mesh inserts and padded regions in the vital areas
    • 37.5™ technology
      • Utilizes your body heat to evaporate moisture from the surrounding fabric
      • Anti-odor feature that rejuvenates after each wash
      • Up to 5x times faster drying time than other similar fabrics
    • FleXorb™ technology
      • High-impact protection in the clavicle, rib and spine areas
      • Utilizes Poron XRD™ foam for professional level protection
      • Reduces impact energies by more than 90%
      • Floats on base layer for more mobility and coverage
      • Waterproof
      • Can be washed
    • Underarm gussets for more mobility
  • Graphic
    • Bauer logo on neck
  • Fit
    • Hockey Fit 
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