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The Bauer Flexlite 4.0 Ice Hockey Skates are at the top of the Flexlite line. This line is Bauer's most contoured, performance fitting skate, offering a snug fit that locks the heels into the boot. If you prefer a contoured boot construction this is the Bauer skate for you!

  • Quarter Package:
    • Variable stiffness Flexposite™ with dimples
  • Liner:
    • Hydrophobic Clarino
  • Heel Support:
    • Pro-integrated anatomical heel and ankle support
  • Ankle Padding
    • Lightweight Insta-form+™ foam ankle pads
  • Tongue Construction:
    • Anatomical white 48 oz. 2-piece felt
    • Molded metatarsal guard
  • Footbed:
    • Superfit+™ with grip
    • Moisture management
    • Heel stabilizer
  • Outsole:Full fiber composite
  • Blade Holder and Runner:
    • Tuuk Lightspeed 2
    • LS2 stainless steel runner
  • Level of Play:Ideal for Advanced level of play
  • Weight:
  • Sizing Guidelines: Bauer skates generally fit 1 1/2 sizes down from your regular shoe size
  • Fit: General fit aspects of the Flexlite line have a wide forefoot, high instep, and narrow heel
  • Sizes: Senior 6-12 in D or EE widths
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Comments:What an awesome skate! FINALLY someone that gets it! The fact that not everyone has ankles like Popeye's girlfriend Olive Oil and needs a stiff a$$ ski boots to skate around in! Some of us actually WANT a skate with flexibility like a well broken in pair of Bauer Supreme 5000, Mega Micron 1090's, or a good ol pair of SuperTack 652's. After two miserable seasons in the CCM U+ Pros, I am so happy I purchased what is the only skate for someone that grew up when they made real hockey skates out of leather and stitching, instead of all plastic, composite, and kevlar crap they throw together now! I have played hockey at many levels of competition for almost 30 years. I could/should have bought two pairs of these for what I paid for the overpriced CCM bricks. I see complaints that these Flexlite boots aren't "stiff" enough. IMO if they were any stiffer they'd be as useless and as miserable as the pretty CCM agony inducers. They are correct in the out of the box comfort, and should take no time to break in. Recommend having them heat molded. Great skate....enough said!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
From: Marc

Comments: I,ve had these skates for 4 months now and i absolutely love them. My next pair is probably gonna be flexlite 4.0 pro after these are done. Get waxed laces though as the flex causes the laces to loosen after awhile. HIGHLY RECCOMEND THESE SKATES!!!
From: Jason, NJ

Comments: Bought this skate after many others. I didn't even have this pair baked to fit. Sharpened them and been skating on them since. Best fitting skate for me right out of the box. No breakin pain. Great skate!
From: Eric

Comments:These skates are Beyond great! Those that have or haven't used the Bauer Flexlite line; the toe cap is a bit wide giving your toes some room to move up and down (I use a D width, but the overall boot is amazing! The boot is super stiff with great Energy return with every stride. The contour fitting of the boot is great as well as it locks your heel into place giving you more control on ice. Break in time is no problem and even better when you bake them. Defintely recommend.
From: Will, NYC

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