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Breathe easy with the HLC Half Shield by Bauer. Strategic vent locations keep you cool and the knowledge that Bauer is protecting your face keeps you confident when digging in the corners.

  • Model Number: 1033722
  • Compatibility: Compatible with most certified hockey helmets.


  • Construction:
    • Strategic vent locations
    • Mounting design allows shield to pivot upwards (flip up) for increased ventilation when play is stopped
    • High-impact, Polycarbonate shield
  • Protection:
    • Visor height - 4.25" at the widest point
    • CSA, HECC, CE Certified
  • Vision:
    • Anti-scratch Coating on Both Sides
    • Anti-fog coating
  • Mounting hardware and spacers included
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Comments: Nice coverage with this visor. Bulkie but protective. Vision is decent but obviously nothing like a high-end, pricier pro model visor. But, if you want a protective visor for beer league, this is it. Vents are nice for airflow. Straps are useful if you really want to flap the visor up while on the bench (I don't, but to each their own). Like all visors, this will fog when sitting on the bench and steam is rising off your body, but a drop of liquid soap buffed out before use will do the trick to keep fogging to a minimum.
From: Jim, Somerville, MA USA

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Bauer Hockey Helmet Visors

  • The Bauer HDO Deluxe Visor features an optically superior, spherical lens with the patented Quick-Click feature that allows for tool-less visor replacement.  The Bauer HDO Deluxe visor has a slight tint finish with anti-fog and anti-scratch coatings.

  • The Bauer HDO Deluxe (DX2) Replacement Visors fit in the FX50, DX100, X100, X200, and the HDO Deluxe visor.  The HDO Deluxe replacement visors have replaced the RX2 replacement visor.  The HDO Deluxe replacement visors feature optically superior, spherical lens for great clarity.

  • The Bauer HDO Pro Straight Visor Clear is one of the slimmest visors Bauer makes. It is constructed of a high-impact polycarbonate visor that offers great clarity ensuring great vision.  A combination of side slots and fixed holes offer optimal compatibility with most helmets giving you that clean Pro look.

  • The Bauer HDO Pro-Clip Straight Visors are high-impact polycarbonate visors that offer great clarity ensuring great vision.  Bauer gave these visors the exclusive "QUICK-CLIPll" feature allowing you to replace your visors without a tool while keeping that pro look. 

    Available in Clear, Amber, and Smoke tint.

    Colors: 2
  • The Bauer HDO Pro-Clip Wave Visors offer great visibility with a distortion-free lens.   Bauer gave these visors the exclusive "QUICK-CLIPll" feature allowing you to replace your visors without a tool while getting the unique Pro Wave design. 

    Available in Clear, Amber, and Smoke tint.

    Colors: 3
  • The Bauer V Half Visor is an affordable solution to buying a half shield.  The V half visor is made out of high-impact Polycarbonate visor, and has an opening at the top of the visor that allows for unobstructed airflow.  The half visor is about 3.5" wide across the whole visor.

  • The Bauer RBE I half visor is made from high-impact injected Polycarbonate with an anti-scratch coating on both sides.  The RBE has a longer design then some visor, 4" at the tallest point which offers some additional protection.


  • The Bauer Hockey Helmet Half Shield is a unique visor set-up that is designed for ultimate airflow. The hinged design allows the helmet to securely snap into place during play but it can be quickly unsnapped and flipped upward for full breathability during a shift change. All of the mounting hardware is included. 

  • The Bauer Concept 3 Full Shield is the next generation of one of the most used full shields in hockey. Stemming back to the Itech Concept shields, this Bauer Concept 3 uses advanced technology to keep a player well protected on the rink without sacrificing visibility. Bauer also includes a Bauer helmet bag to help keep the visor from getting scratched as well.

  • The Bauer Hybrid Hockey Helmet Shield is a great choice for the player who wants the visibility of a shield with the breathability of a cage. The Hybrid Shield features a strong polycarbonate construction, utilizing an anti-fog interior coating and an anti-scratch exterior coating. The cage is constructed of a strong, flat-wire design that is optimized for breathability and vision.

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