BladeTape GOALIE Hockey Blade Grip Pads
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BladeTape GOALIE Hockey Blade Grip Pads

The BladeTape Hockey Goalie Blade Grip Pads are a great choice for any goalie who is looking to get more performance and durability out of their blade. These grip pads bring a handful of advantages to the table over traditional cloth tape. The first one is longevity, these BladeTape Goalie Pads will last a minimum of 15 games while some  users have reported much longer life spans. The high quality rubber construction allow goalies to get a better feel of the puck so that they can more accurately deflect shots to the location they desire.

The strategic bottomless edge design allows both ice and roller players to move their sticks more quickly without dragging grippy cloth tape, which in-turn increases reaction time. Even right out of the packaging, the BladeTape pads weigh less than the amount of cloth tape needed for a complete tape job, while ice hockey goalies really benefit from it's water and ice repelling properties. Installation is too easy, simply peel off the backing paper by using the pull tab and apply it to a clean, dry blade about 1/8" from the bottom. Ensure a good pat down by applying ample pressure on both the forehand and backhand pads, then you are all set!

  • Includes:
    • 1 - Forehand Goalie BladeTape Pad
    • 1 - Backhand Goalie BladeTape Pad
  • Construction:
    • Patented Rubber Face and Ridge Pattern
      • Repels away water and ice
      • Provides better grip on the puck for stickhandling and shooting
      • Acts as a shock absorber, offering an improved puck feel for deflecting shots
    • Strategic Bottomless Design
      • Allows goalies to react faster without drag from cloth tape on the blade's bottom
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