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Bevo 688 Micro ABEC 9 Bearings are fast and light!  Micro bearings aka mini bearings are 75% lighter than standard 608 sized bearings.  With the Bevo Micro bearings you're getting the best of both worlds.  The Bevo Micro bearing offers the highest ABEC rating available to ensure a smooth, fast roll, and it's the lightest skate bearing available. Light skates, mean fast skates.

If you are not already skating Micro bearings you can switch most skates over to use Micro 688 bearings.  If your skates are equipped with 6mm axles you'll need (8) short sleeved 6mm 688 Micro Bearing Spacers (sold separately).  If your skates are equipped with the wider 8mm axle you can just use the 8mm bore bearing spacers that are included in this package.  Both set-ups require wheels with Micro Hub wheels too.

Bearing Specs:

  • ABEC 9 rating - The highest rating available
  • Custom deep grove chrome steel channel reduces friction resulting in maximum speed and smoothness
  • 8 grams lighter per bearing than standard 608 bearings
Package Contains:
  • (16) Micro 688 Bearings
  • (8) 8mm Bore 688 Micro Bearing Spacers
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Comments:these bearings are fast and smooth and are very durable and at a great price
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