Bauer Nexus 8000 Hockey Elbow Pads Sr
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Bauer Nexus 8000 Hockey Elbow Pads Sr

The Bauer Nexus 8000 Hockey Elbow Pads are the premier model in the Nexus Line. The 8000 pad showcases a very protective and very lightweight EPP Foam throughout the bulk of it's construction. Internally, Bauer integrated their new 37.5™ Technology into the liner because it evaporates body sweat and helps to regulate body temperature. 

The Nexus 8000 utilizes a two-piece design with an independent bicep guard. Bauer did this to offer optimal full range of motion while also ensuring the EPP Foam protection stays in place. The enclosure system is also upgraded, featuring a neoprene-like middle strap that securely fastens the pad with supreme comfort. The lower anchor strap consists of a 2" nylon material while the top strap consists of a 1.5" elastic material. 

  • Model Number: 1043161
  • Heritage: Nexus 1000 / Pro Series
  • Level of Play: Elite
  • Bauer Sizing Guidelines:
    Pad Size / Player Height / Pad Coverage
    Sm / 5'5"-5'9" / 12"-13"
    Md / 5'7"-5'11" / 13"-14"
    Lg / 5'9"-6'1" / 14"-15"
  • Protection:
    • Covered and Padded Elbow Cap
    • EPP Foam Forearm Guard
      • Reinforced with a plastic insert
    • EPP Foam Bicep Guard with additional Dome Protection
      • Rear portion fully reinforced with a plastic insert
      • Fully segmented for thorough mobility 
  • Liner:
    • 37.5™ Technology integrated in the Hydrophobic Microfiber Liner
      • 37.5™ allows players to expend more energy in their game instead of trying to regulate body temperature 
      • 37.5™ evaporates sweat and removes hot air 
  • Fit:
    • Multi-Segmented Two-Piece Design (for mobility) with a classic, generous fit
    • Triple-Strap Enclosure System
      • 2" velcro nylon anchor strap, a 1.5" elastic top strap and a 2" center neoprene-like strap
  • Weight: 
    • 248 grams (Based on a SR. Medium)
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Bauer Hockey Elbow Pads Senior

  • The Bauer Vapor 1X Elbow Pads features the best technology available to keep players light and mobile. The forearm guard features Curv® composite, seen in the top end Bauer Vapor skates, which gives elite level protection and extremely lightweight performance.

  • The Bauer Vapor X900 Elbow Pads feature top end technology at the second level price point. The X900 uses Aerolite™ foam in both the bicep and forearm guards that are lighter than HD foams (dense, light foam) but with the same level of impact protection. 

  • The Bauer Supreme TotalONE MX3 Hockey Elbow Pads are the premier model in the Supreme series, boasting tons of great technologies that make it professional quality. The MX3 utilizes Bauer's FleXorb technology in the elbow cradle, which is Poron XRD™ foam that is altered to provide better comfort and protection.

  • The Bauer Supreme 190 Hockey Elbow Pads offers exceptional performance without having to spend the big bucks. The Supreme 190's feature both Vent Armor  and Poron XRD™ foam for elite level protection. Vent Armor is extremely lightweight and disperses energy away from you while the Poron XRD™ foam in the elbow cradle absorbs impacts by 90% for injury prevention.


  • The Bauer Supreme 170 Hockey Elbow Pads offer all around good performance at a much better price point. Both the forearm and bicep guards utilize medium density foams reinforced with molded plastic inserts for protection against pucks and slashes. 

  • The Bauer Supreme 150 Hockey Elbow Pads are the entry level model in the Supreme series. The 150's utilize medium density foams in the bicep guard and forearm guard for solid protection. The forearm is reinforced with a molded plastic insert to aid in slash protection.

  • The Bauer Nexus 1N Hockey Elbow Pads is the flagship Bauer Nexus elbow with top notch coverage for excellent protection. Using an asymmetrical elbow cap shape, the 1N elbows are molded to fit the natural shape of each arm. The injected PE elbow cap is topped with HF foam to provide elite level protection to the elbow that also extends down into the forearm.

  • The Bauer Nexus N9000 Hockey Elbow Pads feature an asymmetrical elbow cap shape to fit the natural shape of each arm. The injected PE elbow cap also provides solid coverage to both the elbow cap and forearm as well. Extending out of the forearm, Bauer uses a molded high density foam guard reinforced with a plastic insert for high-level slash protection across the top of the forearm. 

  • The Bauer Performance Street Hockey Elbow Pads are perfect for the street hockey player looking for a lightweight and breathable elbow pad. It features ventilated padding throughout with a mesh liner to ensure that you stay cool no matter how warm it is outside. Bauer uses a soft elbow cap to keep the pad light and flexible for ideal arm movement.

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