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Never settle for goalie gear that doesn't fit your style perfectly. With the Custom Builder, create the unique goalie gear that's perfect for you!

To get started building your Custom Bauer Reactor 6000 Goalie Leg Pads, just click on the Customize Builder banner below. Once at the builder, just click on the color buttons to see all the different combinations. Once you have decided on the look of your custom pad, just select the flex and size in the drop down menus.

There are no returns or exchanges on custom Bauer goalie gear.

To expedite your order, please order this item separately. Other items may not be combined with this purchase.

This item will receive free ground shipping.  This purchase amount doesn't count toward your dollar amount to earn free shipping on other items.

  • Heritage: New
  • Level of Play:
    • Roller: Advanced -> Professional
    • Ice: Advanced -> Professional
  • Playing Style: Hybrid


  • Made in Canada
  • Exterior:
    • Superior synthetic leather used on the face of the pads
      • Professional level durability
    • Stitched Reactor design on face
    • Embroidered and screen printed Reactor design and logos
  • Protection:
    • Lightweight Battlefly style design and construction
    • Upgraded under-pant thigh protector
      • Contouring design
      • Mesh liner for breathability
      • Removable
    • Pro Core insert
  • Face:
    • Square design at the thigh and boot allows for maximum coverage
    • Semi flat-face design with squared knee rolls
  • Outer Roll:
    • Triangle outside roll
    • Breaks above, and below the knee as well as at the boot
      • Provides maximum flex
  • Inner Roll:
    • Flat inside glide support for gapless ice contact and stability
    • Thin profile
  • Thigh Protector:
    • Upgraded NHL legal under-pant thigh protector
      • Contouring design
      • Mesh liner for breathability
      • Removable
  • Knee Stack:
    • 2-piece knee stack design
      • Inner Layer - Upgraded 1" Thick medium density foam provides additional knee support
      • Outer Layer - Thin, HD foam inserts provide the sliding surface
  • Knee Cradle:
    • Sewn in knee cradle
      • Pro level knee protection
    • Lined with Clarino leather
      • Wicks away moisture
      • Added comfort
    • Wrap around protection
  • Calf Wrap: 
    • Upgraded 3-piece calf wrap design
      • Prevents straps from rubbing on the leg
      • Segmented outer flap provides additional protection
  • Leg Channel:
    • Clarino lined with soft foams
      • Additional comfort and impact absorption
    • 3" wide leg channel
  • Boot Channel:
    • Leg pad fits directly on top of the skate, allowing the leg pad to sit closer to the playing surface
  • Straps: 
    • Two thigh guard straps
      • 1.5" elastic velcro strap on upper portion
      • 1" elastic velcro strap on lower portion
    • Knee cradle
      • 2" elastic velcro strap
    • Thigh rise
      • Two 1" nylon straps around the thigh and knee
    • Calf / Boot Straps
      • Two 3/4" leather calf straps
      • One 3/4" leather boot strap
    • Toe bridge with laces to secure the fit around the skate
  • NHL™ Legal Size Pad
  • Note:
    • +1" Sizing is standard on the Bauer Reactor 6000
  • Weight:
    • 5.55lbs (Based on a Senior 34" +1" leg pad)
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