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The Supreme TotalOne shin guards are the premier shin guards from Bauer in the Supreme line. These shin guards offer pro level protection and a superior strapping system. Bauer has re-work the shin and knee shells to offer an improved fit called to the True Asymmetrical Design.

The Supreme TotalOne shin guard is redesigned and redeveloped with fit properties to follow the natural shape and dimensions of the knee and leg. Each leg has its own unique shin and knee cap construction, improving overall fit of each shin guard.

The thigh protector has a velcro adjustment which allows the player to customize the height of the thigh pad.  Vent Armour™ is found in the thigh protector, around the knee cap and in the calf protector, this technology uses perforated high density foams to reduce the overall weight of the pads without sacrificing protection. The knee guard is very flexible allowing for less restrictive skating movements.

The shin shell features Bauer's F-ONE™ technology which fuses high density foams together with polyethylene plastics. The outer plastic of the shin has also been ribbed which helps disperse the energy of direct shots or hits taken to the shins. The Total One shin guard liner uses Bauer's Thermo-Max+™ material which wicks moisture away from the body and offers a soft comfortable feel. The liner is also fully removable, which allows it to be washed and decreases drying time in between games.

Bauer has done a great job with the strapping system on the TotalOne shin pads. The top anchor strap is a soft mesh-like material which secures the upper portion of the leg in place. The bottom strap wraps comfortably around the calf, securing the pad in place during play.

  • Model Year: 2012
  • Model Number: 1037058
  • Heritage: New for 2012
  • Level of Play: Ideal for intermediate to advanced level of play
  • Bauer sizing guidelines:
    Shin pad size / Player height 
    13" / 5'5" - 5'9" 
    14" / 5'7" - 5'11"
    15" / 5'9" - 6'1" 
    16" / 5'11" - 6'3"
    17" / 6'1"+
    18" / 6'1"+


  • Protection:
    • MAX-SORB™ knee cap protection
    • F-ONE™ shell technology in the shins - This material is fused together with high density foam and rigid plastic to offer increased protection. By fusing these materials you get 25% greater energy absorption and 15% weight reduction making this material more protective and lighter than others on the market.
    • Adjustable thigh protector
    • Wrap calf guard with new Vent Armour foam and poly insert for great protection with less weight
  • Liner:
    • Thermo-Max+ liner Has a soft feel that wicks moisture, regulates body temperature and prevents the build up of bacteria, reducing odor.
    • Fully removable liner decreases drying time
  • Fit:
    • True anatomical design
    • Anchor wrap strap across calf and knee
    • Oversized calf closure strap
    • Multi-segmented design
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Comments: I purchased the total one shin guards in September and I am 100% satisfied with this purchase. Prior to the total ones I was using the bauer x40 which is equivalent to the new x7.0. I have to say the level of protection is night and day between the total ones and x40. After blocking shots 3 times and winding up back at the bench in pain missing my next 2 shifts because I thought I might have broken my leg with the x40's I decided it was time to switch to a pad with greater protection. The total one provides the maximum amount of protection completely wrapping around your calf and leaving very little space uncovered. At first these pads feel bulky but once you step on the ice you realize that is just because it is so protective. There is less bulk then the RBK line but more than the vapor line and these pads are very light and breathable. I have blocked shots and no longer have fear or step to the side when someone winds up from the point anymore. Also the anchor strap is awesome - the pads don't move of shift around at all. This pad is well worth the extra money and if you play in a league where people are taking serious slapshots don't even look at the x7.0 just get the total ones.
From: Ray, New York

Comments: I decided to upgrade my shin guards (previous ones were Bauer Vapor 30's). It's funny - I walked in to our local hockey shop certain I was going to get Reebok 11K's. I knew I wanted top of the line, and everything I read online said the the 11K's were the top choice of the pros. Now, my game will never be mistaken for a pro's. So, I actually did something smart and listened to the recommendations of the store's equipment expert. Tried on the 11K's and really didn't like them - too bulky. Being familiar with Bauer (from my Vapor's), decided to try on the Total One's. That's all it took. These guards are amazing! Comfortable, all the protection you could want/need, light weight, and space-age materials. Kind of hard to describe, but when you put these on, you instantly feel maximum protection, which leads to confidence to play your best. Bottom line: Don't be afraid to buy top of the line - you'll always be happy with it. Highest recommendation!
From: Matt, IA

Comments: amazing!!!
From: ??

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