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The Bauer Vapor X60 shoulder pads are the top of the line shoulder pad in the Bauer Vapor line. The X60 shoulder pads offer unmatched mobility with an excellent high level of protection.

Bauer has used a three panel design on the front and back of the pad. This helps increase mobility while maintaining an advanced level of protection. The chest portion of the pad features an elastic draw core to adjust how the pad fits. This is a great feature not found on many other shoulder pads. The shoulder caps and bicep guards are also adjustable.

Bauer has used a Free Flex design on the bicep guards, shoulder cap and collar bone guard.  Essentially, the Free Flex design segments these pieces and allows them to move and over lap on top of each other, so that it allows for exceptional mobility, that does not sacrifice any protection.

The X:60 shoulder pad also features the Vent Armor Composite material which is Vent Armor foam fused to a plastic layer offering more protection without adding more weight and bulk.

  • Protector:
    • Lightweight Vent Armor Composite protection located in the: bicep guard, chest plate, spinal plate
    • Dual density arch protection
    • Poly reinforced bicep guards 
    • Perforated foam panels for lightweight breathable protection
    • Removable extended core protection (belly guard)
  • Liner:
    • Thermo Core+
  • Fit:
    • Vapor Free Flex system incorporating 
      • Free Flex Bicep
      • Free Flex Arch Protection
    • Personalized fit system:
      • Adjustable core body protection
      • Adjustable shoulder caps
      • Adjustable free flex bicep guard
    • Multi segmented, multi panel chest and back design
  • Level of Play: Ideal for advanced to pro level of play

  • Bauer sizing guidelines:
    Pad size / Player height / Chest circumference
    Small / 5'5"-5'9" / 36"-40"
    Medium / 5'7"-5'11" / 38"-42"
    Large / 5'9"-6'1" / 40"-44"
    XL / 5'11"-6'3" / 42"+
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