CCM 100 Series Street Goalie Leg Pads Sr
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CCM 100 Series Street Goalie Leg Pads Sr

The CCM 100 Series Street Goalie Leg Pads are a great choice for the recreational roller or ball hockey goalie, offering solid protection and a lightweight design to maximize mobility.

The 100 Series leg pads are constructed with an ultra lightweight design, utilizing foams of different density to provide great protection while also being light enough to move around with ease. The leg pads have an NHL pro graphic, making these as stylish as they are functional.

The pads have some appealing features, including a thigh protector and deep leg channel. The adjustable fast-lock nylon buckle straps make it easy to quickly strap the pads on and play.

  • Model Number: GP100
  • Heritage: New
  • Level of Player: (Senior)
    • Roller: Recreational
    • Ice: Non-certified for ice hockey
      • Not to be used for ice hockey
  • Playing Style: Standup 
  • Exterior:
    • Reinforced nylon fabric cover
      • Good for durability
    • NHL Pro Graphic
  • Protection:
    • Lightweight design and construction
    • Thigh Protector
    • Low and medium density foams
  • Face:
    • Durable Flat front design
      • Good for controlling rebounds and increasing longevity
  • Outer Roll:
    • Rounded outer roll design
    • Two breaks in outer roll
      • Break below the knee as well as at the boot for flex
  • Inner Roll:
    • One-piece flat inside edge
  • Calf Wrap: 
    • 2 Medium density foam flaps
  • Leg Channel:
    • Deep leg channel
      • Keeps the pad in place
    • Soft padding
  • Straps: 
    • Adjustable fast-lock nylon buckle straps
  • Weight:
    • 1.8lbs (Based on Senior 33" Leg Pad)
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Comments: I have been playing with these pads for about 8 months now. Once a week play, and on rare occasion, 2 games worth of work indoor inline rec league of varying skill level beginner/intermediate to intermediate/intermediate +. Surface is smooth covered concrete. I wear inline skates while wearing these pads. The three quick connect straps are adequate enough to hold everything in place, and on your legs. I don't use the velcro strap that would go around the bottom of the inline skate or the toe tie that came with it.

I play a butterfly style goal. First thing you notice going to a butterfly position is there is not adequate enough knee protection and or padding for a lateral type movement where the knee impacts the hard playing surface moving left to right. Straight on butterfly position is better, but still not enough padding. And if the pads are too loose in the butterfly style configuration save and out of position on the knee, the knees will have no padding on the impact with the playing surface. I obtained some foam slip on style knee pads. With the combination of the padding already on these leg pads and the additional knee pads, protection is adequate to keep the knee from hard impact inherent from butterfly style play.

Quality seems decent on these. Just the bottom area that sits atop the skate with the small plastic pads is showing a little bit of wear. Usual marks from puck/stick impacts. Our league plays with a puck, not a ball. However, of all the different type of shots that have deflected off these pads, there has never been an impact that felt like there should be more protection anywhere. Never felt any pain from a shot hitting them. They are light, flexible, and easy to wear/put on. The leg channel is comfortable, and the top of the knee/thigh velcro strap offers very light foam padding that straps around your leg to help keep the pads doing what they should be doing when you are moving.

I'd buy these pads again. Any goalie at an entry/intermediate inline hockey level that's looking for fairly priced equipment that will perform and wear well should give these pads a try. If additional knee pads don't work, some other method of adding padding for a butterfly style play would be recommended to help protect the knees. I always air dry my gear after games, and have the ability to let it dry for the time between games in addition to spraying the equipment with anti odor spray. So there is no sweat odor emitting from these pads.
From: Brad, Kansas City, KS

Comments: Basically, the above reviewer nailed it:durability is nil with these pads, but that's to be expected with a Chinese-made street hockey pad for around a hundred bucks. So far in my experience, in the five times I've used 'em for 3-hour plus pickup roller hockey, they've broken in some way five times.
They do LOOK good,however, and they provide ample protection against ball hockey slappers; but understand there's zilch available in terms of protection against the playing surface --you'll definitely be in for some mods to turn this set into anything actually usable and protective.
From: Brian, VA

Comments: As with most street pads, these aren't very durable out of the box, but they're light and most of the design is better than other options. The price is better, too. The leg channels aren't too deep like other street pads, and there's a long, better placed pad for a knee landing if you are going to butterfly. The knee protection isn't nearly enough, but it's a start. In the first two games (street, so with sneakers) I've been able to get them to rotate pretty well, though if you want to butterfly with these and have them last longer, I would suggest you make a few modifications.

If you're using shoes, a rise in the arch of the sole helps with the bottom strap, though the velcro does not hold well so I would suggest tying it. The toe ties work, but you'll need to have a shoe with a place far in the front of the shoe to tie them. I would also suggest attaching a plastic cover of some kind to the inside toes as they otherwise will begin to wear down on day 1. Personally I used parts of milk jugs and cord. The next crucial mod (if you plan to drop to a butterfly) would be to either wear knee pads that can take the impact on their own, or to add a stack or block, which besides protecting your knees will give a more stable platform to have your knees land on and reduce stress on the hips. I used some blocks with grommets and attached them with laces, and also wear my ice knee pads (PAWS).

In summary, all street pads (except overpriced mediocre ones) are cheap and cheaply made, but with a better price and better basic design, I'm happy to have picked these up.
From: Rob, Brooklyn, NY

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