CCM RBZ Ice Hockey Pants Jr
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CCM RBZ Ice Hockey Pants Jr

The CCM RBZ Ice Hockey Pants are the premier model coming from the RBZ lineup. These pants showcase CCM's signature Crazy Light U Foam that provides the same properties as other high-density foams but at a fraction of the weight which results in a light, professional level pant. 

The CCM RBZ's have a selection of key materials and features that provide an advanced level of protection, mobility and durability. CCM boasts their iconic Crazy Light U Foam in the thigh, hip and kidney guard to elevate the protection of the whole pant. Crazy Light U Foam has the same properties as other HD foams, but at a fraction of the weight, giving it an incredible edge. The spine guard floats as a result of an elastic strapping system so that it moves as you play, giving you coverage at all time.

These pants are outfitted with a pro-spec nylon exterior in the high wear areas for great durability and the front and back panels utilize a ventilated mesh for much better air circulation. The stretch mesh through the middle and on the inside thigh of the pants provides a much greater range of motion. The 1" zippered waist extension is a great feature for growing players so they won't sacrifice their coverage just because they are getting taller.

  • Model Number: HPR130
  • Heritage: U+ Crazy Light
  • Level of Play Guideline: Elite
  • CCM Sizing Guideline:
    Ice Pant Size / Waist Circumference / Height
    JR MD / 24" - 27" / 4'8" - 5'2"
    JR LG / 26" - 28" / 5'2" - 5'6"
    JR XL / 27" - 29" / 5'4" - 5'7"


  • Protection:
    • Crazy Light U Foam
      • Utilized by the hip, thigh, and kidney guard
      • Same protection as HD foams but a fraction of the weight
    • High density foam-padded belt line
    • Floating HD foam spine guard
    • Angled high density foam piece on the back of the leg
  • Fit:
    • Traditional Fit - Volume fit for better overall mobility
    • Pro-spec nylon exterior
    • 1" waist extension for growing players
    • Stretch mesh in between the legs and on the inside of the thigh
    • Ventilate mesh on the front panels and the back of the leg
    • Skate lace front closure
    • Zippered thigh adjustment with velcro closure
    • Hydrophobic mesh liner keeps you cool and dry
    • Embroidered CCM logo on left thigh and waist
    • Suspender Buttons
  • Weight:
    • 1,157 grams (Based on a Sr. Medium)
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CCM Ice Hockey Pants Junior & Youth

  • The CCM QuickLite QLT Ice Hockey Pants are the flagship pants in the low-profile and mobile QuickLite family. The QuickLite pants provide elite level protection with molded PE caps backed by medium-density foams protecting the hips and kidney. These pads contour with the shape of the player to provide a comfortable fit that reduces bulk while giving excellent protection. 

  • The CCM QuickLite QLT 290 Ice Hockey Pants provide strong and sturdy protection in a lightweight and mobile design. It features molded PE surrounded by perforated firm medium density foams for lightweight protection that also allows airflow through in the kidneys and hips. The QLT 290 also utilizes Dry Foam Technology, which prevents moisture from being absorbed into the foam pads.

  • The CCM QuickLite QLT 270 Ice Hockey Pants features sturdy molded plastic (PE) protection throughout the pants, covering the key areas with strong but extremely lightweight protection. Above the waist, the molded PE contours and protects the kidneys backed by medium density foams. The QLT 270 uses the same construction in the hips with a wide, but flexible pad offering comfortable mobility.

  • The CCM QuickLite QLT 250 Ice Hockey Pants use a lightweight 400 denier exterior for a flexible and light fit. Using sturdy molded PE caps in the kidneys, hips, and thighs, the QuickLite 250 ensures that the essential areas are covered while allowing for easy movements.

  • The CCM QuickLite QLT 230 Ice Hockey Pants are the entry level pants in the QLT lineup. Its lightweight and mobile design provides molded PE protection in the hips and kidneys perfect for the recreational level of play. The QLT 230 pants also utilize thick molded foam and plastic in the thigh guards for blocking shots.

  • The CCM QuickLite QLT Youth Ice Hockey Pants offer young players excellent protection and lightweight mobility to allow them to perform with agile quickness. With sturdy molded PE (plastic) caps throughout the pants, youth players are covered for nearly anything that may be expected from youth hockey. 

  • The CCM QuickLite QLT 230 Youth Ice Hockey Pants are a great choice for the youth player just getting started on the ice. With lightweight PE (plastic) protection in the hips, thighs, and kidneys, young players are able to skate and be protected without the pants feeling too bulky. 

  • The CCM Ultra Tacks Ice Hockey Pants provide pro-level protection with innovative technology. The hip pads use a molded plastic (PE) insert exterior, with bright orange D3O® smart foams on the interior of the cap. These D3O® smart foams protect against both low-level impacts and high-energy impacts by changing consistency.

    Colors: 2
  • The CCM Tacks 6052 Ice Hockey Pants are great for the player looking for a high level of protection without paying the top model price. Made of a durable premium nylon with strategically located abrasion panels, these pants are built to last. The key flex zones and pad layout ensure that mobility is not sacrificed.

    Colors: 3
  • The CCM Tacks 4052 Ice Hockey Pants are a big jump from previous models to give the player a more durable and comfortable fit. For enhanced durability, CCM uses nylon abrasion panels in high-wear areas to boost the life of the pant. The liner above the waist is an extremely soft microfiber that is moisture wicking, while the legs are lined with comfort foams and mesh for breathability. 

    Colors: 4
  • The CCM Tacks 2052 Ice Hockey Pants provide great protection for beginner to intermediate players. The segmented pad design allows players to move freely, and the flex zones enhance mobility. CCM uses a durable nylon exterior to hold up against the normal wear and tear of hockey. It also features zippers on the inside of each leg for an adjustable fit. 

    Colors: 2
  • The CCM Tacks 1052 Ice Hockey Pants are great beginner ice pants offering adequate protection and comfort. The hip caps are designed with JDP technology, which disperses the energy from impacts away from the fragile hip joints. CCM uses a separate hard plastic (PE) insert with comfort foams in the lower thigh guards, so the player will still maintain solid flexibility even with the added protection. 

  • The CCM Ultra Tacks Ice Hockey Youth Pants give excellent protection for the young all-star. Using premium microfiber and comfort foam liners, the Ultra Tacks pants are comfortable and protective. 

  • The CCM Tacks Ice Hockey Youth Pants are the perfect pants for the young player beginning on the ice. Its protective padding will ensure the future all-star will be protected from the very start.

  • The CCM RBZ 110 Ice Hockey Pants feature medium density foams reinforced with molded plastic inserts in the thigh, kidney, hip and tailbone guard for a good level of protection at a much better price. The light nylon exterior provides solid durability and keeps the pants breathable as well. Stretch mesh in between the legs brings better mobility and a traditional lacing system paired with a padded nylon belt allows the player to customize their fit.


    Colors: 1
  • The CCM RBZ Ice Hockey Pants are ideal for the entry-level player who needs a protective and mobile ice pant. The RBZ uses medium density foams backed by plastic inserts in the hips, thighs, tailbone and kidney guard to provide good protection. The stretch mesh in between the legs lets the youngster get more mobility in each stride. The zippered thigh opener makes it easy to adjust the size of the thigh opening and the traditional lacing system with a nylon belt lets them customize their fit.

    Colors: 1
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