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The Eschelon Apocalypse wheel is the first hockey wheel that consist of four different urethanes. With four different layers of urethane the Apocalypse wheel delivers a precision-tuned balance of speed and grip.

The first inner layer consist of Eshelon's Grip Sauce, which is topped with a stabilizing layer of Quick Sauce.  The outer layer consist of another first, a Split-Pour™.  The Split-Pour™ layer consist of a harder indoor race compound (Yellow) on the outside and top of the wheel and a softer Grip sauce compound (Pink) on the inside.  The Split-Pour™ allows Eschelon to place the correct hardness of urethane in the appropriate place on the wheel.  So when rolling straight the harder compound increases the speed of the wheel and when the wheel is turning and leaning the softer urethane will come in contact with the surface providing the grip.  Eshelon's four pour process with a Spilt-Pour™ technology provides for both maximum speed and grip.

The Apocalypse wheel features cool lightning graphics with bright pink and yellow colors.  This wheel will stand out in performance and looks.

Supply is limited. Please refer to the "In Stock" column below for available quantities. Back orders will not be shipped. 

  • Profile:  Fast narrow-high performance profile
  • Hardness:  Vicious grip (Most similar to a 76A)
  • Sizes:  72mm, 76mm, 80mm
  • Ideal for fast indoor play
  • Standard hub wheel designed for the standard 608 size bearing
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Comments: Worst wheels I've ever had. They slip all the time whether it be stopping, cross overs or straight ahead skating. I play at a really high level and when I put a lot of force on them they just slip, however for light skating and refereeing theyre fine. Also the inside pink inside 'grip' section is wearing much faster than the outside yellow part leaving an actual ridge.
From: Ethan

Comments:I would have to agree with Ryan. I am 185 and I was really worried about the 74/76 durometer holding up, and I was super skeptical when I learned these wheels weren't meant to be rotated, but these things grip like crazy, haven't so much as cracked or nicked, and unbelievably, they've worn in such a way that I've never had to turn them. The pink grip plate is always on the inside edge where it belongs, and the outer edge of the wheels still look normal, not pointed.
From: Douglas

Comments:Incredible wheels...I weigh over 200lbs and have never found a wheel that didn't rip instead of wear. Other than the inside being pink, by far the best wheels I have ever owned.
From: Ryan, MI

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