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Easton E700/E600 Hockey Helmet Giro Fit System
PRICE: $34.99
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Easton E700/E600 Hockey Helmet Giro Fit System

The Easton Hockey Helmet Giro Fit System is the replacement piece for the E600 and E700 helmets. This system is the first of it's kind to be utilized in hockey helmets, it provides a secure and snug fit to the head preventing the helmet from moving around. The comfort pads are held in place by velco so that they may be washed if need be.

  • Model Number: A178714
  • Sizing Guidelines: One size fits all E600/E700 helmets
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Comments: I picked this up last week, not because I needed to, but because I thought it was important to have a backup plan. Now that I have another Giro Fit System as a replacement, I am pretty confident that I won't be needing to replace my Easton E600 helmet for a long long time. Which means I am ultimately saving big money by not having to purchase a completely new helmet if my Giro System should fail in anyway.

I also bought an extra Easton 700/600 interior pad set so I can switch out wet or broken down pads when I need too. More helmet manufactures should offer replacement items for their helmets. It adds value to their product and gives you a more affordable option to increasing the longevity of you investment and also greatly increase the primary purpose of a helmet, which is to function properly and insure that your melon is as protected as can be at all times.

If you purchase an E700 0r E600 helmet I highly recommend purchasing and extra interior pad set and another Giro Fit System. Be prepared, cause you never know when you might need them.
From: Paul, Harrington

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