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The Reebok 5k hockey elbow pads are great for the recreational player who wants a step up from basic features.  The 5k elbow pads showcases a JDP Cap and foam bicep padding for added protection. The 5k elbow pad is also the first elbow pad in the Reebok series to feature the 3 strap system with the Lock Strap.

The 5k uses a 2-piece design system.  One piece for the forearm/elbow and the other piece to protect the bicep.  The forearm pad features a plastic base with foams on both sides for maximum protection and comfort. The Bicep guard is made of dense foam.  Reebok uses the JDP® elbow cap on the 5k. This elbow cap is designed to disperse impact away from the elbow joint.

The 5K features a 3-piece strap system.  At the top there is a bicep strap that is about 1.5" securing the bicep guard to the arm.  The middle strap is the "V" strap which locks the elbow in place. The last strap Reebok calls the lock strap that wraps over the forearm guard ensuring no pad movement during play.

  • Model Year: 2012
  • Model Number: EP5K
  • Heritage: Reebok 4K
  • Level of Play: Ideal for entry to intermediate level of play
  • Reebok sizing guidelines:
    Pad size / Player height 
    Small / 5'4"-5'7" 
    Medium / 5'7"-5'10" 
    Large / 5'10"-6'2" 
    Extra Large / 6'0" +  







  • Protection:
    • JDP® elbow cap  
      • Disperses the force of impact away from the elbow joint
    • Plastic reinforced forearm slash guard
    • Bicep guard with HD foam
    • KFS Construction-Bicep protection designed for protection with mobility
  • Liner:
    • Soft nylon liner
  • Fit:
    • 3 piece strap system
      • Arm strap - "V" shape strap to secure the arm
      • Lock strap - 1.5" nylon strap that wraps over the forearm guard locking the pad down
      • Bicep strap - strap that comfortably secures the bicep guard.
    • Kinetic fit system (KFS) 
      • Segmented protection that moves "intelligently" with the player
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Comments: These aren't the cats meow, but they certainly get the job done. I bought these because they were the only ones left at the store, but they were worth the money and I've used them the whole season. Buy if you're on a budget.
From: Logan, Sturgis, SD

Comments: For the price these pads would be hard to beat. I play adult leauge hockey and replaced an old pair that would not stay in place. These lock into place and stay put for the entire game. Very protective while allowing good movement.
From: Byron

Comments: Id recommend these elbow pads to anyone who doesn't have much to spend! They are very protective, i have never hurt my elbow or any area that this piece of equipment covers while wearing them. The straps are very snug, iv used these 2-4 times a week and they still look like new. CHEAP. PROTECTIVE. Get them if you need cheap elbows
From: Peter

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