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The Easton Synergy EQ30 shin guard is meant to take the beating like the EQ50 shin guards, but are a little more price friendly. The EQ30 is for the the physical type of player who can dish out some hits. Easton has stepped the EQ series up by introducing a new strap system and added better impact padding.

The EQ strap system is improved for 2011. Easton is still using the solid 4" strap for the calf. This strap is both comfortable and provides a wide range of fits for different calf sizes. The EQ50 features a new soft neoprene pad located on the top strap under the knee. This is one of the first shin guards I have seen with this bonus pad. This means no more annoying calf rash!

  • Protection:
    • Wider kneecap allows the knee to sit deeper into the pad providing additional protection to the outside of the knee
    • Sling Tec™ cradles and supports the shin a comfortable distance away from the outer shell of the pad. This space between the shin and shell allow impacts to be dispersed before reaching the shin.
      • The Sling Tec design has been re-engineered on the Easton EQ line to offer improved durability and allow the leg to sit deeper in the shin shell
    • Ribbed shin design to reduce direct impacts
    • Foam Calf Wrap to provides additional protection to the back of the leg
    • Foam Pad located on knee joint (XJP) 
  • Liner:
    • Fully removable nylon shin liner  
  • Fit:
    • InMotion Fit technology offers an improved fit to keep the pad in place and move with the body throughout the game
    • Ergonomic shin allows for shin and knee to sit deeper and offer a more comfortable fit
    • Kneecap provides greater lateral support while locking the knee into proper position
    • Tapeline just below the knee allowing the tape to rest evenly resulting in secure fit
    • Contoured design keeps the pad resting close to the leg giving a less "bulky" feeling
    • Two straps:
      • Upper strap under the knee with neoprene pad
      • Elastic strap over the calf  
    • Air vents in the shin for increased air circulation
    • Knee Lock provides a deep and stable fit
  • Level of Play: Intermediate to Advanced level of play
  • Easton Sizing Guidelines:
    Shin Pad Size / Player height
    14" / 5'4" - 5'8"
    15" / 5'8" - 6'
    16" / 6' - 6'4"
    17" / 6'4"+ 
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Comments: I've had these shins for a season now and I'm impressed with the protection they provide. The Sling Tec disperses the impact of slashed and shots really well. I've owned other Easton shins in the past where I go and block a shot and all the impact goes directly to the leg so this was a nice feature to see. The big calf strap really holds the shin pads in place but I find the smaller strap right behind the knee useless since it doesn't secure much. The shins do shift off to the side for me but the use of tape along the provided tape line on the shell fixes that. Overall, really solid shin pads offered by Easton. Would recommend this to any player not wanting to pay top dollars for eq50's but want a high level of protection and comfort.
From: Patrick, Vancouver, Canada

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