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The Easton Synergy EQ50 elbow pad is the top of the line pad in Easton's EQ line. It features very advanced forearm and bicep protection. The EQ50 elbow pad holds the forearm in place with neoprene straps and the InMotion fit system. The bicep piece is molded plastic combined with Eastons advanced HEX-FOAM which is both light and breathable.

Easton has used a 2-piece design on these elbow pads keeping the physical player in mind.

There is a single piece of dense molded plastic in the elbow and forearm portion of the pad with a layer of foam on each side of this core plastic. This results in a comfortable fit that does not have any breaks in protection. The elbow sits in a soft u shaped donut which is covered by and EVA cap for advanced protection.

The Easton EQ50 elbow pad also offers an adjustable bicep guard. This pad combines a molded piece of plastic and HEX-FOAM in the bicep and tricep portion of the pad. HEX-FOAM is a new type of material to the EQ50 protective line to help further increase protection and performance. HEX-FOAM is a lightweight molded foam where each pad helps disperse impact and offers improved ventilation. 


  • Protection:
    • EVA covered cap design cradles the elbow and disperses impact
    • HEX-FOAM (in the bicep area) offers increased protection with less weight and improved air circulation
    • Molded plastic inserts wraps the forearm and elbow for added protection
    • Thick molded plastic inserts around bicep and tricep
    • Extended joint protection (XJP)
  • Liner:
    • Hexagon liner with Griptec-Provides an unmatched fit
      • Griptec material keeps the elbow pad in the right place on your arm
  • Fit:
    • InMotion Fit technology offers an improved fit to keep the pad in place and move with the body throughout the game
    • Adjustable bicep/tricep guard
    • Soft U-shaped internal elbow donut prevents slippage during movement
    • Two-piece design increases mobility
    • 3 strap design
      • Forearm strap and bicep strap are made of comfortable neoprene
    • Lightweight feel
  • Level of Play: Ideal for advanced to pro level of play
  • Easton Sizing Guidelines: Jr.
    Pad Size / Height
    Medium/Large / 4' - 5'6"
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