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The Easton Synergy EQ5 ice hockey skate offers a completely new design and fit from Easton’s Stealth line, and previous years Synergy line. The EQ5 skate is labeled as the powerful and comfortable skate within Easton’s top skates.

The Synergy EQ5 is built with Easton’s new Hybrid Fusion technology. This technology allows Easton to laminate a supportive, composite outer upper with formable, inner foam. Easton has used an EPP base for its lightweight and supportive properties, and a PU outer coating for great durability. The resulting upper offers such a solid feel that the skate doesn’t require any added plastic stiffeners. This allows the EQ5 to have what Easton refers to as a Global Flex. Meaning the upper flexes uniformly, not focused, therefore there is less breakdown of the uppers. As well, without plastic inserts, the EQ5 remains competitively lightweight while delivering pro-level support.

As for the out of the box fit, the EQ5 offers Easton’s Ideal-Fit System. This system encompasses the foot with anatomically molded foams. Easton went with molded foams to greatly increase the initial comfort of the skate, and to accommodate foot types that just didn’t fit properly in the stealth series. The width of the skate is on the wide side so it’s very accommodating. And without plastic stiffeners, the EQ5 is easily heat moldable to offer that tight, custom fit or just accommodate a unique foot shape. For the tongue, Easton has gone with a traditional felt tongue that has molded HD foam insert for protection.

The Synergy EQ5 will be complete with Easton’s innovative DryFlow outsole. DryFlow outsoles feature vents, which release moisture and excess heat. This allows the skate to remain dryer which will help keep the skate lighter late in the game. As well, removing excess moisture will increase the lifetime of the skate. Connected to the outsole is Easton’s Razor-Bladz2 holder with an Elite Runner.

  • Quarter Package: Hybrid Fusion Technology
    • Combines lightweight, fully-moldable quarters with composite reinforcement to enhance fit while optimizing response and performance consistency.
    • Heat Moldable - Proprietary thermo-set flue formulations allow for enhanced comfort, improved comfort and game ready performance.
    • EPP base - Offers great support in light package
    • PU exterior - Great durability and cut resistant
  • Liner: 
    • Coming soon
  • Heel Support: 
    • Ideal Fit™ - EPE foam heel lock ankle
  • Ankle Padding: 
    • Ideal Fit™ - Encompasses the foot with thermally activated, anatomical ankle foams
  • Tongue Construction: 
    • Pro-style black felt tongue
    • Flexible lace-bite protection
  • Footbed: 
    • Bio-Dri™ - Easton's proprietary high-end material that wicks moisture away offering a drier better fitting skate
    • Dry Flow™ - Perforated footbed allows excess moisture and heat to exit the skate
  • Outsole: 
    • Light, stiff texalium composite
    • Dry Flow™ - Releases excess moisture and heat created during play
      • Equipment will stay lighter, stiffer and drier game after game
  • Blade Holder and Runner:
    • Razor Bladz II - A revolutionary blade system which allows the steel to arc during turns, resulting in faster, sharper, explosive turns
    • Elite Runners - High-end stainless steel design with a power tab in the middle of the blade for enhanced stiffness and energy return
  • Level of Player: Ideal for the advance to pro level player
  • Weight of a Size 9D Skate: Coming soon
  • Sizing Guidelines: Easton Synergy skates generally fit 1 1/2 sizes down from your regular shoe size
  • Fit: General fit characteristics for Easton Synergy EQ skate line
    • Forefoot - Medium
    • Volume - Medium-High
    • Heel - Medium-Wide
    • Stance - Slightly aggressive
  • Sizes: Junior 1-5.5 in D or EE widths
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