EZGoal Folding Official Hockey Goal COMBO 72" x 48"
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EZGoal Folding Official Hockey Goal COMBO 72

The EZ Goal Folding Official Hockey Goal with Backstop and Targets is great for the sharpshooter looking to perfect their sniping skills. Parents will also enjoy having this around to help protect their valuable windows, vehicles, garage doors, and so on.

The EZ Goal allows player to shoot from a corner angle while maintaining the same great coverage as a head on shot. The side stops are hinged so that they can be swung forward to give the shooter full confidence of trying to hit the corners of the net without worrying about shooting wide. The four targets included are perfect for mastering skill shots in the corners of the nets but can also be used to play competitive games with friends to see who has the best accuracy.

It has a high-quality construction with heavy duty netting and steel. Assembly is a breeze and the best part is that the net and backstop folds out in seconds, so storage is not a problem!

  • Model Number: 67008
  • Recommend Use: For all levels of play with ice and roller hockey pucks
  • EZ Goal sizing guidelines:
    • Goal Only - 6' x 4' (Regulation)
    • With Backstop - 10' x 6'
  • Includes:
    • Regulation-sized Goal
    • Backstop Rebounder
    • 4 Targets
    • Nets
    • Hardware
  • Construction:
    • Heavy Duty 2" (1.2 mm) Goal
      • Pro Top Shelf, Two Tone Frame
      • Rock solid 12 gauge welded folding system
    • Heavy Duty Puck Proof Net
      • Reinforced heavy Weight UV Resistant Net
    • Easy Assembly
      • Folds Flat For Storage
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Comments: Agree with first commenter on all points. It IS a pain to set up--not so much with the instructions/difficulty, it's just very time-consuming. I had to drill more holes in the sides and main frame for more durability.
Having said all of that--it really is a great net for shooting, as you really have to have a very bad shank to miss the entire thing! It's great for practice. If you have a decent shot, you will put some dings in this thing.
I have a 45' X 30 Apron in my driveway, so I just keep it there. Doesn't really fold up, and I actually want the sides stiffer (thus the extra bolts and holes).
As the first commenter said--glad I bought it--great for practice and even some games.
From: Chuck, Albuquerque, NM

Comments: After having it a couple of weeks I'm glad I got it.

Pros: backstops are big enough to catch all but the worst shanks. not too bad moving it in and out of storage. fairly solid. Posts seem to be taking a beating pretty well.

Cons: Pain in the neck assembling the dang thing. Doesn't exactly work as advertised as it doesn't fold up quite as compactly as intended.

Bottom Line: Not bad a bad buy (especially with a few of the mylec surfaces)
From: Thrash, Blueland

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