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The Green Biscuit Pro Training Hockey Puck helps advance stick handling and passing skills off-ice. The rubber grip makes the puck feel more similar to on-ice training. The Green Biscuit Pro weighs 4.7oz making the increased weight more applicable to game time play.

Develop better passing and stick handling skills with teammates, such as toe drags, saucer passes, and one-time touch passes.  The grip sides provide a better touch and feel of the puck, which enhances control and training experience.

This PRO training puck can be played on any surface but a smoother surface is ideal for optimal performance.

The Green Biscuit Pro Training Hockey Puck is primarily a passing and stick handling puck and not meant for shooting on steel goals.  As the puck material is hard, which allows it to slide on the rough surfaces, but as a result it may chip when hitting a steel pipe. Plus the side grip rings will slide off if the puck becomes chipped.  If looking to just practice shooting look at the Green Biscuit Snipe puck.  If using for pick-up street games, just don't ring the post hard.

  • Model Number: GREEN PRO
  • Rubber Grips on Sides
    • Aids in puck control
    • Similar feel to on-ice training
  • Hard Plastic Training Puck
  • 2-piece design helps absorb vibrations
    • Keep the puck flat and gliding on rough surfaces
  • Glides effortlessly on virtually any hard surface
  • Feels and acts like a real ice puck
  • Makes off ice training convenient and fun
  • Designed for passing and stick handling
    • (If shooting it may chip when hitting the post)
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Comments: We bought the Biscuit to help my son practice his stick handling off the ice. It works really well on the neighborhood court and my son likes having something to play with when we can't make it to the rink.
From: Matt, Davis, CA

Comments: Okay I bought the 'Pro' because I thought maybe it'd grip better without sacrificing superior glide on any surface. I was very wrong. The puck grip on the sides (the only difference between this and the regular biscuit) will stick when making sharp dangles and turn on edge. It's also slightly heavier so it won't slide as far. I wouldn't recommend this as the normal GB is better in every circumstance. Too bad.
From: Luke, OH

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Green Biscuit Training Hockey Puck

  • The Green Biscuit Training Hockey Puck is an off-ice training hockey puck that will help you and your team develop better stick handling and passing skills. The 2-piece design allows the Green Biscuit to glide effortlessly on virtually any hard surface. Watch the Product Video and see it action.

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  • The Green Biscuit NHL Training Hockey Puck takes the original Green Biscuit Training Puck design and tailors it to your favorite NHL team. Each puck matches the team's color and features a team logo sticker in the center. 

    Colors: 30
  • The Green Biscuit Blush Training Hockey Puck is the same as the original Green Biscuit Training puck, but it shows support for Breast Cancer community.  10% of profits are donated by Green Biscuit towards breast cancer.

  • The Green Biscuit Snipe Training Hockey Puck is an off-ice training hockey puck that helps develop exceptional shooting skills. Some noticeable features that differentiate it from the original Green Biscuit Training puck are its shooting capability and increased durability, weight, material, and color scheme.

    Special Bulk Price:  Buy 3 or more pucks and the price drops to $12.75 each!

  • The Green Biscuit Alien Training Hockey Puck is all you need to enhance your stick handling skills at day and night. Unlike the original Green Biscuit, the Alien is outfitted with LED lights on both puck faces that are motion activated. So every time you throw some sauce or toe drag, the puck will light up for 5 seconds in multiple different sequences so you know exactly where it is at any time of the day.


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