IW Hockey Deluxe Helmet Bag
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IW Hockey Deluxe Helmet Bag

The IW Hockey Deluxe Helmet Bag is the perfect bag for helmet protection or puck transportation with a lot of interior volume to fit most helmets or up to around 30 pucks. The softer material construction is ideal for helmet and visor protection, and sturdy enough to hold the weight of the pucks. On the opposite side of the IW Hockey logo, the IW Helmet bag features a zippered mesh pocket for all helmet accessories such as visor sprays, shammys, or mouthguards. 

  • Model Number: IWHELMETBAG
  • Measurement: 17.5" x 14" H
  • Sizing Guidelines: One size fits all player and goalie helmets (with or without cage)


  • Graphics:
    • Screen printed IW Hockey logo
  • Main Compartment:
    • Large single compartment with drawstring closure
    • Breathable and sturdy
  • Pockets:
    • Mesh zippered pocket 
      • 9" x 7" for large design
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Comments: This is easily the best helmet bag out there. Can't beat the price for the quality, and it has the additional pocket which is perfect for spray and cloth. Mine has held up for 2 seasons now and still looks new. 10/10 would recommend
From: Mike, FL

Comments: This bag has saved a lot of wear and tear on my helmet and shield. I see guys putting their helmets in pillow cases or wrapping them in a towel after the game. Why? If you want to keep your helmet and shield/cage as scratch free as possible then this bag is a must.
From: Paul, CA

Comments: Very important component to protect your visor / shield investment. Never used one before & just like other folks my stuff got all scratched up. Wish mine had the mesh pocket
From: T, Bakersfield, CA

Comments: I love this bag. It's held up well other than the drawstring breaking. This is the epitome of convenient. You can even put tape/sprays/etc. in the bag and take it to the bench with you
From: Andrew, Rancho Cucamonga, CA

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