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The Labeda Fuzion wheel feels unlike any Labeda wheel made to date. The wheel fuses together 2 very distinct and unique urethanes creating one incredible ride.

  • Fuzion Technology:
    The wheel fuses together two very distinct and unique urethanes. It starts with a large, hard urethane disc that provides a very thin, hard wheel feel with extreme stability and quickness. You actually feel like you are skating on the thin inner disc. Secondly, Labeda's newly developed outer urethane formula provides unmatched wear resistance and gripping power.
  • Fast, narrow high-performance profile
  • Hardness available: XSoft 74A
  • Sizes available: 72, 76, 80mm
  • Ideal for fast indoor play

Micro hub wheel designed for the 688 size bearing.

Supply is limited. Please refer to the "In Stock" column below for available quantities. Back orders will not be shipped. 

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Comments:these wheels are great and have great grip but Ive had theses wheels on my 8.8s for about a month and 2 of them chipped because I was powersliding or hockey stopping and my friend using the same wheels on his skates didn't chip I came to a conclusion that the reason why they crack was because I'm bigger than my friend these wheels are great but If your 200 pounds or more take it easy on these wheels while stopping or else you will have to go out and get new wheels
From: Nick

Comments:Great wheels lots of grip
From: JJ

Comments:love the grip with these wheels but they have so much grip that i broke the plastic pieace in half
From: Roddy, Las Vegas, Nevada

Comments:these wheels are the best i have ever used. i have tried rink rat and superlite, but none come even close to maching the labada fusion
From: Jerry, San Antonio, TX

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Labeda Hockey Wheels Micro 688 Hub

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