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The Asphalt wheel is made for those outdoor hockey players that get tired of burning through their wheels so quickly. This wheel features performance and durability. Support the family owned Labeda business and their wheels that are all made here in the USA.  Ideal for outdoor surfaces.

  • Ideal Playing Surface:  Asphalt, Concrete
  • Fit Guidelines:  Standard hub wheel designed for the standard 608 bearing size


  • Wheel Profile: Tapered
      • Pointed, performance profile for speed and agility.
  • Construction:  Single Durometer
      • Abrasion resistant endurance urethane for superior outdoor wear and great grip.
        • Made In USA
  • Hub Size:  Standard 608
  • Hardness Available
    • 84A
  • Sizes Available: 
    • 59, 68, 72, 76, 80mm


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Comments: I just got these wheels for my Bauer vapor xr2s and they are literally the best wheels for outdoor use on the market. Just get them, if you play outside its worth the money, asphalt and regular concrete is perfect for these wheels.
From: Bryan, MO

Comments: Only outdoor wheel I have used and I am very impressed. Hold up well,
great grip! Little slick in extreme cold weather but that's to be expected.
From: Mark, NJ

Comments: I'm a very large guy, 6'4 and 270lbs. I've destroyed lesser wheels in a single skate. I was recommended these by IW, and have put over 500KMs on them, with practically no appreciable wear. I skate in one of the worst cities for road conditions in Canada, and these wheels have taken constant abuse without any issues whatsoever. I skate for commuting and fitness, I don't play hockey. If you're big, and skate rough roads, these are your wheels.
From: Curtis

Comments: The best wheels for outdoor period. Last the longest, and well priced, and will out perform anything else!
From: Chris, NY

Comments: These wheel are the best outdoor wheels you can get, they dont wear down as quick on rough outdoor surfaces. Even at 5.95/wheel, thats $48+Shipping per set, thats still cheaper compared to other brand wheels I was buying for $25-$30 a set, but burning through them three times faster. As others have pointed out, on waxed or glossy indoor surfaces, you will slide alot, these are OUTDOOR wheels, I use them only for outdoors, and I call them the "Killer Tangerines".
From: William, Virginia Beach, VA, USA

Comments:I bought these wheels because I played all lasted summer in a school parking lot which had quite a rough surface. They worked quite well in the parking lot but recently I've started skating on a very nice outdoor surface and I have virtually no control. They are very fast wheels but there is a reason they have asphalt in the title. So if you're going to be skating on a smooth surface get a softer wheel with more grip or you won't be able to turn hard or stop without losing control.
From: Sean

Comments:These wheels are great! I use them on standard roller-blades and played on asphalt twice a week last fall and this spring. I would play on heavy rough asphalt. As long as you rotate them regularly on your blades you will get great use out of them!
From: Matt

Comments:I have these wheels on my skates right now. I have done a lot of abuse to these wheels and they have lasted much longer than any other wheel I have ever used. They also feel really fast. This might be due to the hardness of the wheel. Unlike the other comments, I think the wheels feel super slippery. I can't turn too hard in any direction because I start to slide. If you are skating fast and then hockey stop, you slide for days. So, moving quickly in these wheels becomes more difficult the deeper you get into the rubber of the wheel. It just keeps getting slipperier and slipperier. Overall, I like the wheel, but when I replace these I am going to get a cheaper brand with the same hardness for the two inside wheels and some 82A's for the outside wheels for a little more grip. I definitely wouldn't mind getting these wheels again, but I go through wheels so quickly that I need to think about price more than anything.
From: Andrew, CA

Comments:I recently bought a pair of CCM Vector 06 from this website. These skates came with indoor wheels (Rink Rat Hot Shot). Since I like to skate around the neighborhood just to stay in shape, I purchased these Labeda Asphalt Wheels. They perform well right out of the box. They are smooth and fast. I paired them with Bones 608 Bearings. The Labeda's spin really well with this bearing.
From: Jay, Chicago

Comments:These wheels are by far the best outdoor wheel you can buy. I use them when playing hockey and also for recreational street skating. I have yet to find another wheel that offers the same durability and performance of the Labeda Asphalt wheel.
From: Kevin

Comments:these wheels are by far the best for outdoor usage. No breaking in, and a very fair balance between slide and grip on your average outdoor surfaces. They do not wear down as fast as other wheels as well. I'd rather stay home if I had to wear anything else.
From: PHil

Comments:These wheels are amazing. I never have had a wheel be able to withstand my constant abuse as what I have given these. I am about 210 lbs and play a very aggressive style of hockey. I play on a fairly smooth surface but it went right through the other wheels that I have bought. These, are preforming like champs. Just get them, what a great price!
From: Chad, Indiana

Comments:these wheels are great! they grippy and hard, and dont wear down as fast as most wheels do outside. if you are looking for a great wheel to use outside and not worry about the wheel wearing down then this is your wheel. im about 210 pounds and i have had these wheels playing outside 3 days a week and they have lasted me about 2 months
From: Eddie, Ocean City, NJ

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Labeda Hockey Wheels Standard 608 Hub

  • Labeda Addiction Hockey Wheels offer a revolutionary concept in wheel making. The Labeda Addiction Hockey Wheel is an indoor wheel designed for tile surfaces (ie Sport Court), but it has an outer urethane hardness between 83-86A! That's right, an indoor wheel with an outer hardness harder than most outdoor wheels.  So you know the durability and the speed is going to be incredible with these wheels and they should be at this price.  The question is though, how's the grip?  Well, that's where Labeda's top secret urethane combinations and inner core design take over and deliver unbelieved grip.  These Addiction hockey wheels grip more than some of the softest wheels on the market!  The Labeda Addiction wheel offers unsurpassed, all-around speed and grip. Best of all, Labeda is family owned and their wheels are produced right here in USA.

    Colors: 2
  • The Labeda Gripper Dynasty III Hockey Wheels, AKA D3, wheel features a new Dynasty core and uses a more advanced urethane.  The Dynasty Core offers more flex allowing the wheel to flatten in turns, widening its surface area, providing maximum gripping power.  The Dynasty continues to be a triple durometer urethane construction to get the right balance of grip and speed.  The D3 uses the same advanced urethane as the Addiction wheel, just layered differently to really focus on grip. The best part about these Dynasty III wheels is that they are made right here in the USA by the family owned Labeda business!

    Colors: 1
  • The Labeda Dynasty III , AKA D3, wheel features a new Dynasty core and uses a more advanced urethane.  The Dynasty Core offers more flex allowing the wheel to flatten in turns, widening its surface area, providing maximum gripping power.  The Dynasty continues to be a triple durometer urethane construction to get the right balance of grip and speed.  The D3 uses the same advanced urethane as the Addiction wheel, just layered differently to really focus on grip.

    Colors: 2
  • The original dual durometer Labeda Gripper Millennium Hockey Wheel combines Labeda's highest, hardest rebound urethane core with their specially formulated ice grip formula, creating a fast yet sticky wheel. Best of all, Labeda is a family owned business who manufacturers all of their wheels here in the USA.

    Colors: 1
  • The Labeda Rocket Propelled Gripper (RPG) Roller Hockey Wheels feature a dual durometer design with high quality urethane to give players excellent speed and grip. The RPG is a high end wheel at a great value, especially when considering most other hockey wheels at this price point utilize an inferior single core construction. These Rocket Propelled Gripper wheels are also seen on the Alkali RPD Comp Roller Hockey Skate.

    Colors: 2
  • The Labeda Gripper Hockey Wheels have stood the test of time due to their quality construction process and design. The Gripper wheels were the first hockey wheels to bring the Flex Technology to inline hockey with it's smaller core design that allows the urethane to flex, therefore maximizing grip and speed.

    Colors: 3
  • The Labeda Gripper Orange Asphalt Outdoor Wheels are one of the most popular wheels used for outside surfaces because of their great balance of performance and durability. Most other outdoor wheels sacrifice durability for performance or performance for durability, but these Asphalt Gripper Wheels allow a player to skate at a high level without the fear of destroying the soft urethane. These Gripper wheels are made by the family owned Labeda business right here in the USA. Available in 83A and 85A hardnesses. 

    Colors: 2
  • An all around wheel designed for the intermediate player looking for good speed, grip and wear on a variety of surfaces. Ideal for indoor and outdoor surfaces. 

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