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The Matter One20Five LTE Inline Wheels are now even better than the original version. This new version has a wider radius for better grip and roll as well as a new thinner inner band to be even faster than the original. High quality Matter urethane is wrapped around a hybrid solid core hub that retains a great balance of rigidity and flex. An assortment of frames are now available to accommodate 125mm wheels and they are often shorter, lighter and even lower than many 4x110mm.

  • Size / Hardness: 125mm / Traditional Durometer Rating Not Used
    • Matter uses an F-Scale for hardness ratings: F0 (hardest) to F4 (softest).
    • See Specs tab for more information on the hardness rating
  • Hub: Standard 608 Hybrid Hollow Core Hub
  • Surface: Road
  • Wider Profile than original One20Five
    • Better Grip, Rebound, and Speed
  • Sold as an 6pk
  • Compatible with all 3x125mm Wheels
  • Hollow Core Technology (HCT)
    • TR2 fused hub core for better stability and increased performance
  • Ultrasonic Welding (USW)
    • A unique plastic welding procedure that promotes a stiffer, more consistent roll

Matter uses an F-Scale for hardness ratings. F0, F1, F2, F3 & F4 from hardest to softest. Each individual wheel in the Matter family will differ in  hardness. Meaning a Juice F1 will not be the same hardness as a Lethal F1. In some cases, IW has provided estimates on hardness ratings  to help when searching for wheels. If provided, these have been done with the assistance of Matter. The harder the wheel, the more it advised to be skating a smooth surface.

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