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MoGo Flavored Mouthguards - Black
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MoGo Flavored Mouthguards - Black

The MoGo Flavored Mouthguards are the first fully-flavored mouthguards on the market and now they come in black! MoGo uses a special technology to put long-lasting flavor into the plastic. It's not sprayed or coated on, it's built right in! MoGo says the flavor will last game, after game, after game. Along with the unique flavor technology, MoGo mouthguards are also built for performance. A unique design allows for enhanced breathability and game performance. A geometric design always for full flexibility and comfort. The MoGo mouthguards allows for maximum comfort, performance, protection and breathability plus they are all FDA compliant, BPA and latex free!

  • Tether: Convertible
  • MoGo Recommended Sizing Guidelines:
    Size / Age in Years
    Adult / 12+
    Youth / 11 and Younger
  • Flavors / Colors:
    Bubble Gum / Pink
    Fruit Punch / Red
    Lemon / Yellow
    Mint / Green
    Orange / Orange
  • Construction:
    • Airway channels enhance breathability & performance
    • Geometric design for flexibility & comfort
    • Chamfered inner walls to aid in secure fit after biting
      • Revolutionary flavor technology
      • Worlds first flavored mouthguard
      • Flavor is in the the plastic
        • Not coated or sprayed on
      • Lasts game, after game, after game
    • The flavor is made from natural ingredients
    • FDA compliant, Latex & BPA free
  • Fit:
    • Unique design allows for:
      • Maximum comfort
      • Performance
      • Protection
      • Breathability
  • Convertible quick release tether
    • Can be used as a strapped or strapless mouthguard
    • Strap just snaps in
  • Not designed for braces 
  • Made in the USA
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Comments: my son loves these not only for the flavor but they fit him without the boiling process. He is a squirt so he gets the youth size and loves the bubble gum and fruit flavors..will definitely get more. And they actually last a good while.
From: Jack, NJ

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Bubble Gum

SizeIn stock
Convertible Youth 2+
Convertible Adult 2+

Fruit Punch

SizeIn stock
Convertible Youth 2


SizeIn stock
Convertible Youth 2+
Convertible Adult 2+


SizeIn stock
Convertible Youth 2+


SizeIn stock
Convertible Youth 2+
Convertible Adult 2+
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MoGo Mouthguards

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