OUST MOC 9 Air 608 Bearings 8 Pack
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OUST MOC 9 Air 608 Bearings 8 Pack

The Oust MOC 9 Airrr 608 Skate Bearings were engineered to deliver premium performance during radial load roll-out and torsional load roll-out. In other words, these bearings perform just as well as you glide as they do as you take a hard turn, which is not something some other bearings can truthfully say. The MOC 9 Airrr's are constructed with the highest quality, USA-made balls, finest polished raceways and a seal system that is different than just about every other one on the market. The MOC 9 buna non-contact seal sits in a u-channel design, helping to prevent any dirt from intruding and it helps to prevent oil leakage. 

  • Includes: 8 - Oust MOC 9 Bearings
  • Size: Standard 608
  • Serviceable: Yes
  • Lubrication: Speed Oil  
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Comments: These bearings are by far the best I've used (this includes ABEC 7, 9, and Mission Swiss). The seals on both sides do a really good job keeping them clean. They did take a few games to loosen up but once they did, wow, you can really fly! 5/5
From: Jason, Los Angeles, CA

Comments:Excellent bearings! My son is 1/2 way through his second season on these bearings and they still ride like new. We've never gotten more than a season out of any other brand of bearings (never tried Swiss) before these. He is definitely able to carry more speed through turns than he has with other brands.
From: Dan

Comments:OUST MOC 9's are first rate bearings!!! I took a chance on these and am glad I did. They are as fast as advertised, tough, and surprisingly smooth. The bearings werent too impressive right out of the package, but once I skated a few games on them they really loosened up and took off! Ive used Swiss bearings for 5 years until now, but these are a little faster, with an even smoother ride that makes turns and direction changes feel easy. The extra $$ for these bearings are more than worth it in the incredible ride you'll get, and I would buy these again over anything else Ive tried.
From: Loren, San Jose, Ca.

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