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The Warrior Projekt Hockey gloves offer exceptional dexterity with a pro level of protection. The Projekt glove is the evolution of the Eraser Pro glove. if you liked the Eraser Pro then you will love the Projekt!

The Projekt glove offers unbelievable wrist mobility with floating wave cuff roll. Basically the cuff roll is attached to the glove with elastic allowing some movement.  The movement is not so great that the pad will be moving out of position or protection, but it will allow some additional play in movement.  The upper cuff is constructed of four overlapping pieces. This is a great design because it allows for movement while keeping protections up against the forearm.

The Projekt glove has used a vertical roll design.  This some what resembles the bone structure of a hand, and does a nice job at wrapping over the hand.  The veritcel rolls feature Warrior's Bone System that utilizes, Volara Foam, HD Foam, LD Foam, and HDPE bone plastic creating tube like air pockets.  This offers excellent protection without adding too much additional weight.

The Projekt glove has a similar fit to the Koncept glove, however it has a more substantial quality feel due to the increased protection.

  • Exterior:
    • Sublimated Tufftek offers excellent durability, breathability, and a lightweight
    • PU insert on outside edge for increased durability 
  • Protection:
    • Bone System: Dome-molded bone-shape plastics that follow the hand's anatomy
      • The Bone System utilizes, Volara Foam, HD Foam, LD Foam, and HDPE bone plastic creating tube like air pockets that disperses impacts out instead of through to the hand 
    • Hyperactive thumb is internally segmented for forward flexion with backward hyperlock
  • Palm:
    • Smart Palm - Multiple Micro Nash leather panels for supple feel, and durability
      • Mesh patch in the lower thumb palm region for increased ventilation
      • Digital reinforced patch for increase grip and stick control
    • Mesh gussets - For increase air circulation, keeping your hands cool and decreasing drying time.
  • Liner:
    • Ventilator micro-perforated linning wicks moisture and controls odor
  • Fit:
    • Tapered fit - More form fitting in fingers and lower hand area while opening up in the cuff for great mobility 
      • Warrior characterizes the fit as a lightweight performance 1:1 fit for added dexterity and agility
    • Segmented extended cuff with floating wave cuff roll allowing for added wrist mobility and protection
    • Trigger index and middle finger - Triple segmented index fingers provides increased digit dexterity
  • Size: 13" and 14"
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