Pro Guard Hockey Slide Board
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Pro Guard Hockey Slide Board

The Pro Guard Hockey Slide Board is a great off-ice training device to improve your skating stride's quickness, power and stamina. The Slide Board takes less than a minute to set up; simply remove and unroll the board from the carrying bag, slip on the included slide booties over your shoes and you're ready to start improving your stride. 

Unlike jogging or cycling, the Slide Board targets the hard-to-work muscles that move a player from side to side. The core muscles are also consistently targeted because they are trying to keep the player stabilized throughout the entire process. This side to side motion is considered a low-impact exercise since the foot never loses contact with the board, meaning a lot less stress is put on joints compared to jumping and landing exercises. 

The board is 6' by 20" and features a non-slip material on the backside that helps to keep it in place on any flat surface (concrete, tile, carpet, etc.). To work on stickhandling and your stride at the same time, pick up an EZ Puck Shooting Board to place in front of the Slide Board for the ultimate off-ice workout. 

  • Includes:
    • 1 - 6' L x 20" W Slide Board with a non-slip material on the backside for stability
      • Rolls up for convenient storage
    • 2 - Slide Booties to go over any size shoe
      • Does NOT include shoes
    • 1 - Carry bag for mobility and storage
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