Mylec Practice Hockey Puck
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Mylec Practice Hockey Puck

The Mylec Practice Hockey Puck is a solid indoor or outdoor training puck. Featuring a tough and durable construction, the hard plastic will slide more efficiently and much more similar to an ice puck compared to the Mylec Floor Hockey Puck.

  • Weight: 3.2 oz
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Comments: I've tried so many pucks before getting this. It slides smoothly on our super rough cul de sac. It wares down very slowly. It is extremely durable as well. my friends and I use it for practice and 2 on 2 games. I would recommend this for anybody. Totally worth it.
From: Steven, Cedar Park, TX

Comments: This puck is insane. It is just unreal how good it slides on any surface. I have had HUNDREDS of inline pucks. Seriously, they never slid like this. These don't bounce and roll around like other ones, it's heavy like a real ice puck but has a a convex center so it's surface area is less by only being on that rim, slides better and has a center of gravity from convex middle. seriously just spend three bucks and you'll see what i mean.
From: Anonymous

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