Bones Super Swiss 6 608 Bearings 16 Pack
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Bones Super Swiss 6 608 Bearings 16 Pack
Bones Super Swiss 6 Bearings. Bones improved on their already legendary Swiss bearings! The Bones Super Swiss 6 contain 6 larger balls that roll with less friction than the 7 Swiss ball bearings. This creates less friction, making them faster and more durable.
  • 16 Pack of Bearings
  • 6 Bigger Balls (vs. Standard 7 balls) - Stronger and Faster.
    • The 6 balls are 20% larger in diameter than the balls used in 7 ball Swiss
    • The major advantage of using larger balls is that they roll slower, creating less friction at the same wheel RPM.
    • Higher top speed - because the balls don't have to turn so fast
    • Accelerate faster - because the races are thinner and there is one less ball
    • Roll farther - because of the reduced friction and ball rotation speed
    • Last longer because it is STRONGER!
  • Engineered for skating, no ABEC rating
  • Removable high speed nylon ball cage - allows for easy cleaning
  • Removable non-contact, frictionless rubber shield - allows for easy cleaning

Strong, Fast, Long Lasting, Easy to Clean.

If you are a Bones Swiss user or if you have broken bearings in the past, give the Super Swiss 6 balls a try and see if they aren't worth a few bucks more.

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Comments: Very smooth bearings. Fast as advertised. Have been using them for about 6 months on an outdoor rink and still going strong.
From: N, NYC, NY

Comments: The best bearings I have ever experienced. Very solid and fast!
From: Diogo, Brazil

Comments: I bought a set of these bearings two years ago. When I first stood up on them, I nearly fell on my butt. They are much slicker than any other bearings I have tried. I'm in my 50's and these help me keep up with the young bucks on the hockey rink. We play on an indoor sport court (plastic floor). I use them hard, but only for a couple of hours, twice a week (about 100 hours per year). I cleaned them for the first time a couple of weeks ago (when I changed out my worn out wheels) and they are as good as new again. At this rate they will outlast several more pairs of wheels.

These bearings are easy to clean. If they even seem to be slowing down, clean them. As with any other bearing, if they get dirty or wet and aren't cleaned, they will wear much faster. Based on what I've seen so far, if you keep them clean they will not only be faster, they will be less expensive per year than any other bearings available. Check out for cleaning instructions.
From: Clint, Dutch Harbor, AK

Comments: Have used lots of bearings on lots of different kinds of skates and will only use Bones brand. These Swiss 6 are quiet and fast. Use them for practice and competition indoor and outdoor. There is zero break-in time. A nice upgrade to a solid Bearing manufacturer
From: David, Royersford, PA

Comments: Bought these bearings not knowing if they were as good as advertise. Big change from any other bearings I had before. I notice the difference when riding up the hills of South San Francisco where I had to stop many times to rest with other bearings. The hills became easier and much more enjoyable after I bought these. I would recomend these to anyone who wants a better distance in roll
From: Chanh CA

Comments:Great bearing. Quite, fast, smooth ride. And should be easy to clean with the rubber seal.
From: adam

Comments: These are freaking sweet bearings worth every penny!
From: Ryan, City, State, washington Country: usa 2/16/04

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