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The Reebok 28K Pump Ice Hockey Skates offer solid value at a reasonable price. The 28K utilizes the RibCor Quarter Package with an EPP Foam Core for explosive agility. Reebok incorporated the new SpeedBlade 4.0 Holder that sits 4 mm taller in the front and rear post for an aggressive angle of attack.

The 28K RibCor Hockey Skate carries on Reebok's traditional design but brings with it new technological updates. The most notable is the SpeedBlade 4.0 Holder that allows a player to get over even further on their edges without bottoming out, making for one of the tightest turning radius' in the game. 

  • Model Number: SK28KP
  • Heritage: 16K Pump / 8K Pump
  • Level of Play Guideline:  Performance 
  • Fit Guidelines: General fit aspects of the Reebok boot are low-medium volume; narrow heel pocket, narrow across top of foot, forefoot and toe box. 
  • Sizing Guidelines: Reebok skates generally fit 1 1/2 sizes down from your regular shoe size
  • Quarter Package: 
    • RibCor Flex with an EPP Foam Core 
      • Offers solid support for quick agility
      • Fully thermoformable for a personalized fit
    • The Pump™ Feature:
      • Increases heel lock, ankle support, forward flex and comfort
    • SkateLock™ - Allows for custom support by tightening the top 3 eyelets independently of the forefoot
  • Liner:
    • Duratex and Tacky Nash Dual-Zone Liner
      • Helps to lock in the heel, providing great comfort and maintaining a good level of durability 
  • Tongue Construction: 
    • 7mm Two-piece White Felt Tongue
      • EVA Foam reinforcement for lace-bite and impact protection   
  • Footbed:
    • Reebok F.I.T. System
      • Offers support and comfort
  • Outsole: 
    • Fiberglass Low Profile Outsole with Exhaust Vents
      • Provides stiffness and rigidity for responsiveness and feel
  • Blade Holder and Runner:
    • Speed Blade 4.0 Holder
      • The front and rear post sit 4 mm taller than previous Reebok holders, allowing for one of the most aggressive angles of attack in the game
      • SpeedRibs utilize a triangular design that increases torsional resistance which in turn helps get the most speed and power possible out of the holder
    • SpeedBlade Stainless Steel Runners
  • Weight of a Size 9D Skate:
    • 881 grams
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Comments: After about a ten year hiatus after playing Jrs, I started skating again in a mens league 2-3
times a week. Intially I was wearing a mid-level Easton skate that were the worst. Cheap
steel, flimsy boot, bottomed out like crazy..

After about a year I decided to spend the $ on the type of higher end skates I was used to.
The last high end skate I owned before these were the CCM 1052's

I ended up going with the RibCor 28K.. They are very cool looking first of all. I actually
baked them at home in my kitchen oven and skated on them the next night.. Right off the
bat I could tell they were great skates.. Incredibly light, responsive as hell ,and I cut get
wayyy over on the boot with out bottoming out.. The boot is very supportive and the pump
helps customize the fit (ive have ankle surgery and its always been an issue with boots)

I also notice a boost in my speed, and a little spring to my start from a dead stop.. I think
the 4mm lift/angle is the main reason for that.

The dual lace zones is a plus and eliminates lace-bite. There was literally no break-in time
(for me ) on these skates.

The only issue with these skates is that there are two hinged metal eye-lets about three
holes down on the boot (this hinge allows for the dual zone lacing) The hinge tends to
stick a little resulting in a few extra seconds in lacing and unlacing (you kind of have to tug
the lace to unstick the hinge)

Other than that I couldn't be happier with the RibCor line

From: Eli, West Palm Beach, FL

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