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The Reebok 2K ABS Blade is an ideal blade for outdoor hockey. The ABS core offers maximum durability with a good puck feel. Fiberglass reinforcement makes the blade stiffer and more accurate. Formerly known as the Koho Ultimate 2100 blade.  Fits traditional shafts.
    • Construction:
      • ABS core 
      • Reinforced with fiberglass
        • Adds rigidity to the blade for accuracy
    • Hosel:
      • Hickory hosel
    • Fits: Traditional hockey shafts
    • Weight- 184 Grams (Weight varies slightly depending on curve)


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    Comments: The ONLY blade to use for outdoor ball hockey. Wouldn't recommend for anything else but in my multiple years of outdoor ball I would never even consider using
    anything else. They last a while and are absolutely worth the cheap price.
    From: Walt, PA

    Comments: I thought I was going to have to hang up my roller blades until I found out these are the "same" Koho Ultimate stick blades I had been using for the last 20 years. These come with different curve options, which Koho didn't have (options). I bought a couple of them with the Crosby curve a while ago now and besides the curve being different, they perform the same as the old Koho blades...tough as nails. The first one I put on there is still like new. When I couldn't find the Kohos (before I found out Reebok bought them out) I tried a blade made by a company that makes great stick shafts and other hockey gear, but they sure can't make a stick blade for outdoor use to save their life. When it comes to outdoor rink use, I will never use anything else if I have a choice.
    From: Arpad

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    Reebok Traditional Hockey Blades Senior

    • The Reebok 16k Hockey Blade offers great performance at a great price! This replacement blade from Reebok has a Dual Matrix construction that quickens shot release while the AccuBlade technology makes the blade progressively stiffer from heel to toe making this blade as accurate as possible.


      Curves: 3
    • The Reebok 10K ABS Blade is perfect for outdoor hockey. The ABS core will last on outside surfaces unlike a traditional wood blade. The fiberglass reinforcement insures durability while helping to increase stiffness for accurate shots. This blade design dates back to the popular Koho Ultimate 2100 with modern improvements in materials and construction.

      Curves: 1
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