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The Reebok KFS Hybrid hockey shoulder pads are a 2 piece pad and shirt system unmatched in mobility and coverage.  The KFS Core shirt is designed to work with the KFS Shield pad in a system that provides maximum coverage and mobility.  

The KFS Hybrid Core is a vented mesh polyester hockey specific shirt with strategically placed padding designed to integrate with the KFS Shield.  Memory foam reinforcements provides you with added protection in the collar bone area.  Reinforced segmented chest protection closer to your body allows for better mobility along with keeping the protection where it needs to be.  A grip print strategically placed on the bottom of the forearm helps lock in your elbow pads. This core padded shirt is also available separately so you can keep 2 on hand at all times.

The KFS Shield offers the bulk of the protection on this hybrid shoulder pad.  EVA covered JDP® shoulder caps provide protection for both you and the other players on the rink from direct impacts.  Reinforced hinged clavicle protection allows the shoulder portion to move as you move providing you with great protection and mobility.  The reinforced molded floating sternum guard offers a high level of protection for the vulnerable spots in your mid section.  The reinforced molded floating spine guard has segments to allow movement while keeping the protection in place.  The kidney protection wraps really well around the side and is reinforced with dense plastic inserts.

  • Model Number: SPHYBR
  • Heritage: New
  • Level of PlayIdeal for advanced to pro level play
  • Reebok Sizing Guidelines:
    Shoulder Pad size / Player Height / Chest circumference(inches)
    SM / 5'4"-5'7" / 34"-37"
    MD / 5'7"-5'10" / 37"-40"
    LG / 5'10"-6'2" / 40"-43"
    XL / 6'+ / 43"-46"
  • Protection:
    • KFS Shield
      • EVA covered JDP® shoulder caps disperses impact away from the fragile joints and into the large surrounding muscles
      • Reinforced and molded floating sternum protection
      • Reinforced and molded floating spine guard
      • Reinforced kidney and shoulder blade protection
    • KFS Core Padded Shirt
      • Single density foam chest protection
      • Memory foam arch protection
      • Single density bicep reinforcement 
  • Liner:
    • KFS Hybrid Core
      • Vented mesh polyester
  • Fit:
    • KFS Core shirt integrates with the KFS Shield for great mobility and coverage
    • Grip coating on the lower forearms to help lock in elbow pad
    • Comfort foam neck opening
    • Hinged clavicle allows for the shoulder caps to move without the whole pad moving around
    • Floating sternum guard for increased mobility
    • Floating spine protection with segments allowing the shield to flex with your body
  • Weight:
    • 1,063 grams (medium shield and core shirt)
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