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The Reebok RBK Smartmouth Custom mouthguard offers the player a fully custom molded mouthguardthat is simple and easy to do at home yet provides superior protection and fit. Available in intermediate and senior sizes with or without a helmet strap.

A custom molded mouthguard that is simple and easy to do at home!

  • Elite level protection - Proprietary construction helps protect teeth, gums, and joints from impacts and assists in reducing concussion risk
  • Custom Fit - ProPlusGel™ fills the gaps between the mouthguard and your gums and teeth to ensure a custom fit
    • ProPlusGel™ provides a precise fit to improve the performance of the mouthguard
  • Smooth Air™ - Built to improve your performance by maximizing oxygen intake
  • Lower Impact Strip:
    • Helps secure the lower teeth against the underside of the mouthguard
    • Aids greatly in reducing the risk of jaw injury and the incidence of concussion
    • This feature is highly recommended for the more serious sporting individual
  • Front inner shield spreads impact load
  • Side Impact shields help protect teeth and gums
  • Occlusal channel stops mouthguard spreading when fitting
  • Trim guides for accurate fit
  • Available with or without helmet cage strap
  • Not suitable for use with orthodontic bands
  • Storage case included
  • For customized fit:
    • Just trim length
    • Submerge in warm water, not boiling (let boiling water cool for 3 minutes, then submerge)
    • Bite down and press on for 30 seconds
    • Rinse under cool water
    • This procedure can be repeated to improve the fit if necessary
    • Now follow ProPlusGel™ instructions included in package and in 4 minutes you'll have custom molded fit
  • Available in 2 sizes:
    Intermediate - 10 -15 years
    Adult - 15 years old and older

Dental injuries are the most frequent type of facial injury and occur mostly in sports. The risk of dental injury is 60 times higher among athletes who do not wear a mouthguard. However, half of all dental injuries are avoidable.

Get smart...wear a Reebok SmartMouth Mouthguard!

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