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The Reebok Premier X28 Goalie Leg Pads are an excellent choice for the serious goaltender that wants a high quality pad without the high price tag. With features such as a bindingless flat inside edge for an improved seal to the ice and high quality foams used throughout, this pad is a butterfly goaltender's dream.

The Premier X28 leg pads have a lightweight construction while still keeping the excellent features that make the pads so desirable. While the pads have no visible breaks there is a single break below the knee to allow better flexibility, and Reebok has kept the pad above the knee completely rigid to ensure a strong butterfly closure.

The X28 has a flat-faced front that reduces the overall pad weight and ensures more predictable rebounds, a feature that has become a staple of the Premier series. The X28 has brought in a new bindingless flat inside edge design where the leg channel foam makes contact with the ice. This excellent new feature helps the pad seal to the ice and reduces the "caking" of snow that occurs on the bottom of the pad that limits the sliding efficiency. The X28 pads also feature a larger and more comfortable knee stack. This is extremely useful when moving into the butterfly position as it allows the goaltender to contact the ice faster when dropping, helping to more quickly close the 5-hole.

The Premier X28 leg pads are a perfect example of not having to sacrifice quality for affordability. With great features and excellent durability, the X28 leg pads continue the high level of excellence the hockey world has come to expect from the Lefevre name.

  • Model Number: GPX28
  • Heritage: Premier Series
  • Level of Play:
    • Roller: Advanced -> Professional
    • Ice: Intermediate -> Advanced
  • Playing Style: Butterfly


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  • Exterior:
    • High quality synthetic leathers used in the face of the pads
  • Protection:
    • Pro butterfly style design and construction
    • A more anatomical thigh guard
      • Less bulky than the previous Premier series models without losing protection
    • Stiff high density foams used to provide pro level protection
  • Face:
    • Flat face design
      • Predictable rebounds
  • Outer Roll:
    • No visible breaks in outer roll
      • Rigid to provide maximum coverage
  • Inner Roll:
    • Precurved single break core
      • 1 break below the knee
  • Knee Stack:
    • Bindingless perimeter
      • Creates better seal to the ice
      • Very durable
    • EPE foam reinforced knee stack
      • Larger stack decreases time needed to drop into butterfly
    • Soft comfort foam in knee cradle
      • Very comfortable
  • Calf Wrap: 
    • Bindingless perimeter
      • Increases sliding ability
    • 4-piece calf wrap design
      • 3 leather straps and 1 adjustable velcro strap
    • 1/2" thick outer calf wrap to help prevent straps from rubbing leg and provide additional protection
    • Two foam pieces with nylon lining wrap directly around the leg when straps are tightened
    • Additional foam insert for added support 
  • Leg Channel:
    • Open shallow leg channel
      • Freestyle leg transitions with calf moved in for tight position to the post
    • Open knee cradle
      • Allows goalie to wear knee guards regardless of size
  • Boot Channel:
    • Shallow soft boot channel
      • Allows freedom of movement
    • Flexible boot
      • Allows ankle to move more freely for more powerful pushes
  • Straps: 
    • One elastic loop strap on extended upper thigh guard
    • One elastic velcro strap on knee stack
    • One elastic adjustable velcro strap on calf
    • Two leather straps on the outer knee stack
    • Two leather straps over calf
    • One adjustable leather boot strap
    • Toe bridge with laces to secure the fit around the skate
  • NHL™ Legal Size Pad
  • Note:
    • +1" and +2" Sizing available for certain X28 pad sizes.
  • Weight:
    • 6.15 lbs
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