Rink Rat Identity Crossbar Pro Goalie Hockey Wheel 59mm
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Rink Rat Identity Crossbar Pro Goalie Hockey Wheel 59mm

The Rink Rat Identity Crossbar Pro Goalie Wheels are the premier goalie wheel offered by Rink Rat.  These wheels use a 2 pour system to create better grip and responsiveness for pushing off. 

Rink Rat's Mtech™ technology utilizes 2 separate urethane pieces to create a great balance between grip and mobility. The inner core is much softer, which allows the wheel to flex when in a goalie stance but bounces back when you need to move. The outer pro level urethane reduces overall wear and keeps the wheel stiff when moving side to side.

  • Ideal Playing Surface: Sport Court, Wood, Smooth Concrete
  • Hardness Guidelines: 
    • 76A (XXX)
  • Fit Guidelines: Standard hub wheel designed for the standard 608 bearing size


  • Wheel Profile: Rounded
    • Lower to the playing surface for quicker vertical movement
  • Construction:  Dual Durometer
    • Rink Rat's Mtech™ technology
      • Utilizes a soft inner core for better grip and bounce back
      • Pro level urethane exterior makes it easier to push off and decreases wear
  • Hub Size:  Standard 608
  • Hardness Available:
    • 76A (XXX)
  • Sizes Available: 
    • 59mm
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59mm 76A 4

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Rink Rat Hockey Wheels Standard 608 Hub

  • The Rink Rat Identity Theft Hockey Wheels offer a good mix of durability, speed, and grip for a well-rounded wheel at an even better price. These wheels utilize a pro level urethane that bends to increase the surface area when turning, creating more grip and responsiveness. These wheels come in 76a, 78a and 80a hardnesses.

    Colors: 1
  • Improved urethane compared to the previous Envy line! The Rink Rat Envy Hockey Wheels are a great choice for any player looking for a solid wheel for sport court, wood or smooth concrete. The high-quality urethane exterior enhances the speed, grip and durability of the wheels. Comes in both 74a and 78a hardness's.

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  • The Rink Rat Identity Crossbar Lite Goalie Wheels offer good performance at an even better price. They're well-rounded when it comes to grip, push-off, mobility and wear. The pro level urethane exterior is stiff enough to allow easy movement but flexes enough for great grip. 


    Colors: 1
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