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Red Star Rebel Hockey Wheels
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Red Star Rebel Hockey Wheels

The Red Star Rebel 74A Indoor Hockey Wheels are perfect for players looking for a fast and durable indoor wheel. This Rebel wheel features Dura-thane™ technology for a long lasting and durable wheel while the Glu-thane™ technology insures superior grip and speed.

  • Ideal Playing Surface:  Sport Court, Wood, Smooth Concrete
  • Hardness Guidelines: 
    • 175 lbs and below = 74A
  • Fit Guidelines:  Standard hub wheel designed for the standard 608 bearing size
  • Wheel Profile: Tapered
      • Pointed, performance profile for speed and agility
  • Construction:   Single Pour
    • High Rebound Urethane for superior grip
      • Dura-thane™ additive for top notch durability
      • Glu-thane™ additive for excellent grip
  • Hub Size:  Standard 608
  • Hardness Available
    • 74A
  • Sizes Available: 
    • 59, 64, 68, 72, 76, 80mm
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Comments: Nope. No grip. For 74As I should be able to stop and turn like there's glue on the rink, but instead I've had them about a month and they're slipping all over the place. They hold up well and are pretty durable, but I play on sport court and there's no excuse for this kind of sliding.
From: Josh

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SizeIn stock
59mm 74A12
64mm 74A10
68mm 74A16
72mm 74A8
76mm 74A16
80mm 74A16+
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Red Star Hockey Wheels Standard 608 Hub

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