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The Revision Vanquish skate brings an innovative frame to the game.  The Vanquish skate is mounted with the lightweight aluminum frame which fits a 90mm wheel!!! The larger wheel set-up, (3) 72mm wheels and (1) 90mm wheel, allows the Vanquish skate to have more stopping power, higher top-end speed and is more energy efficient. The collection of the large wheels provide an oversized "footprint" when these wheels flex in turns and stopping. And when rolling, larger wheels just cover more ground per roll.

  • Quarter package - PU Leather
  • Eyelet reinforcement - PE with Nano-Woven inner
  • Heel support - PVC with Nano-Woven Reinforcement
  • AnkleLock™ EVA foam pads - Anatomical L-shaped pads provide a deep, secure heel pocket to prevent heel slip
  • Latex-Foam™ comfort pads - Foam "pockets" within the L-shaped pads to help eliminate pressure points on the ankle bone (The dark grey inserts in the heel pocket image)
  • Soft Microfiber liner - Soft to the touch and moisture wicking
  • Perforated footbed - Provides moisture control
  • Pro-felt 9mm tongue with ShotGuard™
  • Reinforced side toe guards - Increases durability in a high wear area of the boot
  • Carbon Fiber outsole:
    • Provides a stiff responsive feel
    • Less flex in the outsole means more of the player's energy is being transferred into wheels allowing for maximum speed and more control
  • Revision's Aluminum frame:
    • The frame uses 72mm wheels in the front (3) positions and (1) 90mm wheel in the back
    • The is innovative wheel set-up delivers:
      • A large "footprint" or contact area improving gripping power for improved pivoting and stopping
      • Higher top-end speed - The bigger the wheels, faster you can go. It's that simple.
      • Energy efficient - Larger wheels cover more ground in a roll
    • Constructed of 6000 Aluminum
    • Durable Extruded frame construction
    • Single axle design
  • Revision Variant Wheels:
    • 608 hub design
    • 72mm Revision Variant Platinum (72A) wheel for maximum grip
    • 90mm Revision Thorium (72A) wheel for top end speed
  • Revision ABEC 7 608 bearings
  • Ideal for rec-level to advanced level of play
  • Width - D (feels like a D+)
  • Fit - Snug heel pocket with a generous forefoot
  • Sizing Guidelines - Typically your Revision skate size will be 1 size smaller than your regular shoe size
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