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The Revision Variant hockey wheels feature the same revolutionary hub and wheel technology as before with a new distinctive look. Revision's TORUS™ hub and RE-Vision wheel compounds maximize grip and speed like no other. Revision is so confident in their wheels, they offer a 30-day guarantee with Revision! Ideal for fast indoor play.

  • Ideal Playing Surface:  Sport Court, Wood, Smooth Concrete
  • Hardness Guidelines: Click banner below to find the right set-up for your style of play
  • Fit Guidelines:  Standard hub wheel designed for the standard 608 bearing size


Supply is limited. Please refer to the "In Stock" column below for available quantities. Back orders will not be shipped.

  • Wheel Profile: Tapered
      • Pointed, performance profile for speed and agility.
  • Construction:  Torus Technology (click banner below to learn more)
  • Hub Size:  Standard 608
  • Hardness Available
    • 76A(Bronze) = 200 lbs and below
    • 74A(Gold) = 170 lbs and below
    • 72A(Platinum) = 150 lbs and below
  • Sizes Available: 
    •  68, 72, 76, 80mm
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Comments: I weigh about 105 lbs and use the golds. On the sport court I play on, these wheels grip nice and I noticed my speed increase as well. My favorite wheels so far, would recommend
From: Kristin, CA

Comments: Have had the golds hi-lo for 2 seasons now, and they are holding up really well. I'm about 160lbs. and my playing style is speed with a lot of stops and change of direction, on smooth concrete and roll-on painted/sealed concrete surfaces. The grip is excellent, and durability has been amazing. Revision pumps out great wheels, i'm a customer for life. Can't wait to try the new variant plus reds next.
From: Chadd, CA

Comments: I am 5'-9", 175lbs and I am currently skating on the Variant Golds. I love these wheels, they grip without the big chunks my Rink rats used to throw and they actually stick to the floor unlike the Labedas I used to have. Houston has some really hot summers and these wheels lasted through the last one so I recommend them in hotter environments. Also, I used to be heavier (225lbs) and used the Bronze wheels and they held up to the weight really well.
From: Seth, Houston, TX

Comments: I am 5'10" 170 and I bought the golds to try to replace my Rink Rats for sport court. I was not impressed at all. After one game I went back to Rink Rats. I didn't have any grip when I was on them. I would try Labeda and Rink Rat again before I go back to these.
From: Mike, FL

Comments: Im 189lbs and a aggresive skater which is a death blow to all the 76a durometer wheels that I have tried. I have tried multiple brands of wheels, even the high dollars ones and I have not come across any that can handle the abuse that I throw at them except for Revision Variant Hockey Wheels. Ill never buy a different kind of wheel.
From: Jason, TX

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Revision Hockey Wheels Standard 608 Hub

  • The Revision Variant Plus Hockey Wheels are providing the same great performance as the previous Variant Plus, but with an improved color scheme so you can feel good and wheel good.

    Colors: 4
  • The Revision Variant Classic Hockey Wheel offers a new look with the same great specs as the previous Variant wheel. Revision is changing the wheel-game with their Torus Technology that bends while you turn for increased grip so you won't slip out and rigid support while you're skating straight for better speed.

    Colors: 4
  • The Revision Variant Steel Hockey Wheels come with all the bells and whistles from the previous Variant Steel's but with an improved color scheme. The pro-level urethane combined with their Torus Technology provides excellent grip while turning and increased raw speed.


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