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The Sherwood Rekker EK5 Elbow Pads are a good choice for beginner and recreational users who need protective and mobile pad. The molded elbow caps reinforced with EVA foam provide good protection from slashes or falls. The bicep and forearm guard are outfitted with molded PE inserts backed by medium density foams for solid slash protection. The hinged 2-piece design creates better mobility because the 2 pieces are able to move independently of one another.

  • Model Number: 130SW000620
  • Heritage: New
  • Level of Play Guideline: Recreational
  • Sherwood Sizing Guidelines:
    Elbow Pad Size / Player Height / Pad Coverage
    SR MD / 5'4" - 6'0" / 11" - 12"
    SR LG / 5'8" - 6'4" / 12" - 13"
    SR XL / 6'2"+ / 13" - 14"


  • Protection: 
    • Molded elbow cap reinforced with EVA foam
    • Molded PE insert in the bicep guard and joint
  • Liner:
    • Comfort liner
  • Fit:
    • Hinged bicep protection
      • Better mobility
    • 3 -elastic strap system
      • Bicep, middle and forearm
  • Weight:
    • 204 grams (Based on a Senior Medium)
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Sherwood Hockey Elbow Pads Senior

  • The Sherwood T120 Hockey Elbow Pads are the flagship elbow pads in the Sherwood True Touch series. It provides strong coverage to keep your elbow, forearm and bicep protected. The T120 features a molded PE elbow cap with EVA foams on top.

  • The Sherwood T90 Hockey Elbow Pads provide lightweight coverage for a solid level of protection. The elbow cap features a molded PE design topped with medium-density foams. These foams serve to dampen the energy from impacts as well as protect other players on the rink. 

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