SprayFresh OT Odor Eliminator Spray 16 oz
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SprayFresh OT Odor Eliminator Spray 16 oz

Professional quality deodorizer

SprayFresh OT is the official locker room deodorizer for the NHL™.

Note:  SprayFresh OT is not available for international shipments.

  • Removes odors caused by bacteria, mold, mildew and fungus
  • Non-toxic & 100% environmentally friendly
  • Great for skates, protective gear, and 100's of other household uses
  • Lasting residual odor control
  • Size - 16 oz trigger spray
  • Economical 1 gallon refiller bottle available
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Comments: Works great!! I took some my gear that was smelly and washed it thoroughly, then started using Stinkout. My gear has been stink free for months.
From: Chris, Spokane, WA

Comments: I really like usuing this product.  It keeps my equipment smelling fresh before and after use.  It has a minty type smell to it and I have been using it for a couple of years already.  Highly recommend!!
From: John, MI

Comments: This stuff works good for me, the only down thing is that I am constantly using it. Its good that they sell the refil jug.
From: Ryan

Comments: I am very religious when it comes to the use of StinkOut. I am an admitted gear-head and like selling slightly used gear to finance a new purchase. Selling items with very little smell makes any deal sweeter... I will warn that StinkOut does not do much to cover up smell that has already on the equipment. It is great at preventing smell from building up. I suggest using it on every new item you purchase that gets smelly.
From: ??

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