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Sonic Grip Juice (4 Ounce)
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Sonic Grip Juice (4 Ounce)

The unfair advantage in a bottle. Cleans your wheels for like new performance. 


  • Improves acceleration, turning, stopping, and scoring.


  • Cleans wheel, restores grip and coats them with an anti-static compound that repels dirt.
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Comments: Really does work, if only the rink we play on would actully clean the surface once in a while it would be even better.
From: Chris

Comments:My teammates say I'm on the juice, but this stuff actually does help. I noticed better grip and quicker stops when I use this before a game.
From: Craig, Charlotte, NC

Comments:I didn't believe it at first, that the sonic grip juice will Clean the wheel, restores grip and will coat them with an anti-static compound that repels the dirt from the wheels. But it did I noticed that I had more grip to the floor, and my acceleration was faster and stopped faster than before without sliding this time. I let my team use it in their wheels as well and they even noticed the results and changes they had, it blew my mind away it "really works" and i will be ordering more......
From: Eduardo,City, State, Country: Compton, California, USA

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