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The Reebok 11K Pump Goalie Ice Skates are designed with Reebok's Pro Armour lV quarter package that provides top of the line quality, durability and stability. The Reebok 11K goal skate delivers maximum performance and safely protects goaltenders at the professional level.

The Reebok 11K goal ice skates use a Customlite cowlings which feature a lightweight pro-profile, a butterfly toe shield, and a moisture-exhaust vent to allow heat to exit the skate. The Customlite cowling holds Proformance stainless steel runners. The Proformance stainless steel runners are removable and keep an edge longer. The Pro Tongue on the 11k offers a comfortable fit, and the exterior cover prevents tongue twist. The Griptonite footbed on the 11k helps lock the heel into place.

The Reebok 11K goal skates use advanced technologies to provide a customizable fit to the foot. Reebok has used the Pump® system in the ankle of these skates. The Pump® technology allows you to eliminate natural gaps around the ankle. By controlling the amount of air in the internal chamber you can customize your fit and prevent heel lift resulting in improved stability. The 11K goalie skates feature a 2 piece liner; Clarino to keep the foot dry, and Nash to lock the foot in. Reebok has used a lace locking system on these skates to secure the fit and allow you to isolate two distinct lacing zones by tightening the top three eyelets independently of the forefoot.

The 11k Pump goalie skate offers outstanding protection for your feet as well as offing a low profile stance perfect for stopping the puck.

  • Model Number: SK11KPG
  • Heritage: Reebok 9K Goal Skate
  • Level of Player:
    • Ice: Up to Professional
  • Sizing Guidelines:
    • Reebok skates generally fit 1 1/2 sizes down from your regular shoe size. Click on Sizing Chart for more sizing information.
  • Quarter Package:
      • Lightweight Pro Armour™ lV Quarter strategically reinforce embedded zones
        • Provides superior stuctural support and enhanced stability
  • Liner:
    • Dual zone liner
      • Duratex Grip & Clarino
      • Increases durability
      • Keeps the foot dry and enhances foot lock
  • Ankle Padding:
    • Reebok Pump® technology
      • The ultimate in personalized pro performance and comfort
  • Tongue Construction:
    • Pro Tongue
      • Molded shape and exterior cover provides a comfortable fit
      • Minimizes tongue twist
      • Thick felt with metatarsal guard
      • Helps protect against lace bite
  • Footbed:
    • Griptonite Heel insert
      • Tacky Griptonite logo keeps your heel from slipping around inside the boot
  • Blade Cowling and Runner:
      • Reebok Customlite™
      • Lightweight pro-profile
      • Moisture exhaust vents
      • Butterfly toe shield
      • New Trilites
    • PROFORMANCE™ Stainless R:30 Runner
      • Replaceable longer edge stainless steel runner
      • Three screw attatchment
  • Weight:
    • 1,066 grams (Based on a Senior Size 9.0 D)
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