SK8T Fuel Ice Skate Blade Coating
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SK8T Fuel Ice Skate Blade Coating

The SK-8T Fuel Ice Skate Blade Coating works by reducing friction between the skate's runner and the ice surface. SK-8T Fuel acts like a lubricant to offer a smoother and more fluid glide when corning, cutting, starting and stopping. After the first use, it increases the edge life of the skates and works to eliminate rust and slush by repelling it away. One jar has approximately 20 applications in it and you only need to re-apply SK-8T Fuel after you sharpen your skates. The usage of SK-8T Fuel has been approved in the NHL and all other organizations. It is safe to use with your honing stone or sharpening machine, the coating simply sticks to the metal particles and is removed along with them.

  • Includes:
    • 1 - Jar of SK-8T Fuel Ice Skate Blade Coating
    • 1 - Applicator Sponge
    • 1 - Cleaning Cloth
  • SK-8T Fuel's Application Instructions:
    • First be sure that the skate blade is completely dry and free of greases or oils.
    • Then apply SK-8T Fuel with the sponge applicator to the entire skate blade.
    • Let stand for 2-3 minutes.
    • Wipe excess off with a dry cloth.
    • Once applied, SK-8T Fuel is permanent and only needs to be applied after each sharpening. Although it is not required it is best if the blade is at room temperature and SK-8T Fuel is applied immediately after sharpening.
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