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Do you have a past foot injury that you can't afford to re-injure? Maybe you have a flimsy pair of skates that might need some extra protection? If you do, then look no further. Skate Fenders provide that extra impact protection you need without getting a new top end hockey skate. 

  • Skate Fender Measurements - Based on a Large
    From Top to Bottom of the Quarter Package Side = 5"
    From Farthest Rear Portion to the Tip of the Toe = 10"
  • Skate Fender Sizing Guidelines:
    Fender Size / Senior Skate Size
    SM/MD / 4.5 - 7.5
    LG / 8+


  • injection molded of high grade polycarbonates
    • Light weight and impact resistant 
  • Designed to provide protection against pucks, sticks and other on-ice mayhem
  • Proven effective in the 2010-2011 NHL season
  • 2 velcro straps hold the fender in place
    • Straps can be cut to necessary length
    • Easy to put on and take off
  • Includes adhesive foam sheet that can be added to the fenders underside if desired
  • Sold in pairs
  • Made in USA
  • Weight- 1 Fender:
    • Small/Medium-176 grams
    • Large -190 grams
  • Can fit all skate brands IceWarehouse carries
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Comments: The skatefenders work great. Every year I get nailed with a slap shot to the ankle and I feel it for months. I have purposley put my foot out to stop shots now and hardly feel it. The only flaw I have found in these is the velcro straps used to attach these to the skates. They use heat fusion to attach the hook and loop sections of the velcro, and this is brittle. I've had to replace the straps only half way through the first season. I just got sew on velcro strips and sewed the hook and loop sections. This makes for a less brittle connection point that seems to be holding up better. Not a show stopper, but finding 1" sew on velcro was a pain.
From: Bob, SD

Comments: Tried these for the first time last night. I couldn't even tell they were on. Didn't notice any feeling of added weight or feeling of movement. I stopped a pretty hard shot with my foot and never even felt it. Other than the price for plastic, a good product.
From: Bob

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Skate Fenders Exterior Skate Protection

  • The Skate Fenders Pro offer an even higher grade of polycarbonate construction for stronger and more flexible protection than the standard Skate Fenders while being even slightly lighter, which is why they have the darker tint color. The Skate Fenders Pro provide more impact energy dissipation and still have all the same great features of the standard model. The Skate Fenders Pro are designed to protect the feet against pucks, sticks and other mayhem. 

  • The Skate Fenders Compact Pro offers great low-profile protection to the front and sides of your skates. The Compact Pro fenders are cut down, focusing the protection on the tongue and ankle areas making them lighter.  The Skate Fenders are made out of a higher grade polycarbonate providing great impact energy dissipation and giving it that dark tinted color.

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